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  • kevin.blandford kevin.blandford Jul 10, 2013 2:29 PM Flag

    My introduction


    New guy here.

    Thinking of starting a position.

    Who are the people to know here?

    Who's long and who's short and why please.

    I think you will find me to be an asset to the board and hope you are willing to share.

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    • I find it hard to take you seriously. Why would you be thinking of taking a position in a penny stock speculation that does not trade daily even close to just 1% of the outstanding shares and where a half million shares of stock at the current price would amount to just ovet $300,000.00. Did you bother to take a few minutes to see who and how may different individuals post here and what they have been saying? Short or long? Do you know how to find the open short interest in a stock? Apparently not. At for JSDA it shows 272,000 vs 38 million plus shares issues and outstanding.
      I serious doubt based on what you posted here we would find anything of value in your posts.

    • jeremyjohnjoe may have part of the equation correct. taking a profit is never wrong. The problem with that is did he/she get out too soon? I also agree with timing on purchasing this stock. Usually the end of the year or beginning of the year has been the best entry point. Now for the but: This company has been bleeding for many quarters. With q-2 that could come to a halt. If that does happen, a lot of folks watch this company, and it could be off to the races. I do own shares and have accumulated to a doubled position when it was .30 earlier this year. I see a $1.50 peak coming after the release the first week of august. q-2 and q-3 could be good news, and if that happens don't be left at the station wishing you were on the train. a small position,, a few shares, don't try buying 100k or more at this time. There is pressure to keep this at .61 to .63 right now, and there will be news to push it higher, until after the release of q-2 figures. My advice is to go and listen to jennifer Cue and Carrrie Trainer do the last three calls. Listen to their comments about the company for the last three calls. The upbeat tempo on the last call was a surprise. Also, look at insider purchasing. It's been small. But before this year, it was non-existent. I also would be blind if I did not tell you that their is a number of shares out there that could dilute this if and when it goes over .70 cents a share. It was a bad deal made 3-4 years ago when they needed cash. Will it hurt the share price? I don't think so. It's been a deal that has been hanging out there, and did not get used last time the stock price went over a dollar. Good luck to you.

    • There is a possibility of a positive quarter. If it comes to fruition even minimally JSDA will be over a buck faster than Nuthead can jump off a bridge!

    • Now is probably the absolute worst time to be contemplating taking a position.

      Wait for the earnings announcement on August 5 - if you really want to buy shares, look for them to be on sale afterwards.

      The time to buy shares in a company like JSDA is winter/early spring and the time to be out of it is before they announce earnings in the summer. Why? Because the market looks forward - the expectations are already baked in to the current price. The CEO has done her job well, the company is no longer on life support though it isn't out of the danger zone just yet either. However, everyone is just waiting around to see the quarterly numbers and no matter what they announce, the shares are likely going to fall afterwards. The absolute best case scenario is that they are breakeven - I don't think they will have enough flowing to the bottom line to even notch a penny in the green (too many shares outstanding). You can be certain that the next few quarters are not going to be as strong. Yes, the sales decline will have stabilized, but you're not going to see another strong quarter until this time next year.

      Everyone purchasing shares up until March has done very well. Now, the shares are clearly range bound and aren't going anywhere until more info becomes available. The high probability is that the shares head lower before much higher.

      I have no position at this time. I took my money off the table during the past week and may look to buy them back towards the end of the year or early next year. I don't short, and definitely want to see the company succeed beyond all else. I've made a great profit here, so if I don't get to buy my shares back, no big loss for me. However, you should be cautious initiating a position now. If anything, don't shoot your entire wad at one time - buy maybe 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4 of what you ultimately want and pick up more should the shares head lower.

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      • nicekeyz Jul 10, 2013 9:54 PM Flag

        Why would you say the current price is baked in from the up coming Q numbers? I bought at .51 saw a run up before last Q up to .63 then leveled down to round .55 range then the Forbes article ran it up to .67 now it's base is right around .61+- I'd say we will see a .75+ run before earnings and depending on the numbers we can see a huge run and what your not taking into consideration is their efforts into sales and marketing that will help the bottom past The peak season profits I'm long 11k shares probably add anothe 4K jus my 2 cents I'm fairly new to trading stocks but this is jus my observations

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