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  • alderson59 alderson59 Jul 15, 2013 1:56 PM Flag

    Q-2, and beyond.....JSDA

    For those whom are naysayers. This posts is for you. 1.) Ole Jonsey is crossing the t's and dotting the i's for re-application to the nasdaq. 2.) 2.00 stock the 2nd week of August. 3.) increased bashing from those whom know nothing, see nothing and hear nothing, The ex employee's that have had it in for this company are still here.......

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    • stranger things have happened but I'd be very pleasantly surprise to see your target this year. i am in it for the long term. I think mid single digit dollars is possible but it will take years unless it is bought out.

    • Dude you flip flop more then a two headed nickle. I've seen you on this board for over 5 years. From the sky is falling to the stock is going to the moon. You are nobody that anyone with a sane mind should listen too!!

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      • so sorry, I don't do flip flops..... I do however listen to conference calls and due my homework. For you negative ninnies I feel so sorry for you. A chance to ride the profit train is coming down the tracks, and all the ammo you have is name calling? And by the way, I've been hanging out here longer than 5 years. I've had to endure many a bad CEO, and right now the women in charge are tag teamin' it pretty good. I think they are headin for a good smack down in Q-2.....profit...increased revs.... and no more going concern....

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