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  • baldingcontrarian baldingcontrarian Aug 8, 2013 5:17 PM Flag

    lol @ Metrodavey boy

    I mean really??

    38% seq growth not 10%.
    Cash flow for the quarter was 100k positive as compared to NEGATIVE 900k in the comparable quarter from last year.

    Think about that burning 900 thousand last year, versus inflows this quarter. Cash is king. They are executing and that is an undeniable fact.

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    • bhuston77 Aug 8, 2013 11:21 PM Flag

      Don't forget this gem from Dave...he forgot to account for the fact that financials have two key components, revenues and EXPENSES. Jennifer has focused on expenses until Q3, now that's she's contained costs she focused on revenues...anyway, back to Dave's gem:

      metrodavef • May 28, 2013 11:08 PM Flag

      JSDA - $20MM Break-Even Revenue

      Lets see: Q1 Revenue was a weak $3.1MM, some on this board think Q2 revenue will be $4.8MM (55% higher than Q1), that leaves $12.1MM in revenue to be generated in Q3 & Q4 in order to get to the magic $20MM break-even revenue. Does anybody on this board actually believe that Q3 and Q4 revenue will be more than double Q1 revenue if Q2 revenue is a measly $4.8MM??? Suddenly revenue is just going to explode...? Quarter after quarter and year after year of revenue declines and its just magically going to EXPLODE?!

      Man what are you drinking? Oh yeah, you must be drinking the soda. I've got a bridge I can sell you...

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      • You're a bit too enthusiastic - which is clearly a result of having become a shareholder only recently.

        Why do you think Dave's "gem" is so outlandish? In fact, you might want to think about it a bit - because Q2 revenues came in well below the $4.8M reference point.

        Last year Q3 was $4.1M - you think it's going to be significantly higher this year? I would say flat to +10% - which would give $4.5M and maybe that translates to earnings of between breakeven and +/- $25,000 for the quarter.

        There's no question that the company has done a good job of reducing the expense side of the equation. I think you are so focused on it that you are almost completely neglecting the revenue side...coupled with the large number of outstanding shares and the fact that it will go even higher.

        Because of the large number of shares outstanding, going forward the amount that they have to increase sales to make any kind of meaningful EPS is going to be very large - even with the reduced expense footprint.

    • bhuston77 Aug 8, 2013 5:27 PM Flag

      balding....not to mention that promoitions and sales ramp ups are going to be a Q3 phenomenon. 19% rev decrease yoy is the same as Q1. So no ground was lost when you factor in discontinued products that weren't improving the bottom line. No risk of diulution now. Assuming revs of ~15M for 2013 trading at 3x's revenue (now that BK is off the table) this stock is trading at a discount of 29%! Or we should be trading at $1.18 right now.

    • ahh wrong baldy. EBITDA was positive for the 3 months of Q2 only, YTD is NEGATIVE. Q1 revenue was only $3.9 mil so Q2 revenue grew sequentially at only 10%. Not much of a HUGE quarter. Comparing to last year is almost irrelevant since the company is almost out of cash and the huge Q2 didn't materialize. What is Ms Cue saying break-even revenue is now? It used to be $20 Mil... Man they are only at 41% of that so far. You little pumper you better run for the hills. What will Q3 revenue be $3.2MM???

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