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  • basehit123 basehit123 Sep 6, 2013 10:35 AM Flag

    Chart not looking good


    The 20's crossing down thru the 50. The excitement that took this to .91 appears to be gone. I do think it will hold the .61 until the next reporting period. Ultimately though, as long as the sales finally show some increase, this will set up a better situation for an upside surprise and correlating move up as opposed to the increased expectations last quarter, that even with an improved report, it wasn't good enough.

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    • poor alde buying all week in the low 70's .....i warned him .....43 bank it.....

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      • Yep. picked off a few .71 centers today. I'm buying every dip, and will continue. You realize there were no trick or treat cans last year don't you? There was no revenue from those little bad boys last year.... So JC has all her ducks in a row this year. Q-3 is gonna rock this stock. Easily over a dollar a share. Even with a cazillion shares, it's still gonna rocket over a dollar. Also one other note: There has been absolutely NO bad news this year. Not one mis-step. Unlike the former knothead CEO's, JC has the ship righted and smooth sailing. The only rough waters will be on your part, when you go to try to cover......Better head for the poop deck buddy, cause there is a whole lot of it coming your way. Now ship off......

    • chart shart

    • i think the pendulum will swing the other way in the absence of compelling news. since there has not been any compelling news since the ceo change, it is a safe sell/hold. it will likely fall to the 50-60 cent range. especially going into winter. it will rise into earnings on hope again. if it kicks out a penny a quarter profit i figure its a dollar stock. but a penny in the off season would be close to impossible and only manageable by cutting expenses much, much more.

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