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  • basehit123 basehit123 Nov 8, 2013 12:01 AM Flag

    The question I have for you is....???


    Would you now, or are you buying more JSDA after this report?
    Is there still a question of survival, or is survival no longer the question, but more now how well JSDA can actually do in the next 5-10 years?
    Or, would you be hesitant to buy more because although progress, there are still concerns as to JC being able to continue the past year's progress for more material improvement?

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    • if it was going out of business would the rev figure have gone up??????

    • I'm staying strong with JSDA. I see on this message board there are a few people who don't think JSDA will survive long term and I also see people who believe that JSDA will survive long term. Everyone has the right to their opinions and beliefs, but don't like the opposite affect you.

      JSDA ended at .69. We lost 9 cents today. A dime here or there is nothing compared to the potential we have at earning. If we all start believing in the company together and continue investing I truly feel good things will happen. Just a simple hey can y'all start stocking jones soda can go a long ways.

      I respect Nuttier and his comments because those are his opinions. He spends more time on our message board than he does watching tv. So maybe he's got stock in Jones Soda.

      We dropped almost a dime but had an unusual amount of volume. Lets continue to look forward. A year ago we were at 32 cents now we are doubled.

      Relax n sip on a jones soda and enjoy your weekend y'all.

    • I have huge position which I intend to hold long term as I believe in the turnaround. If there are dips I will add - similar to Mills Brown.. I do not believe in chasing stocks. Re long term question - I believe we can see several dollars. I believe a dime either way is noise compared to long term potential.

    • I plan to buy more shares early today. Also a few people I know plan to buy shares as well. I think the company is heading in the right direction being led by Jennifer. Also last night when I went to buy some Jones Sodas from the store(I live in Louisiana), the cashier said, "these drinks sell out quick here at Rouses".

      Not just Wal-Mart is carrying Jones Sodas but Rouses which is a large grocery chain in the south is as well.

      I see a bright future ahead for Jones Soda.

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