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  • hypatia1954 hypatia1954 Nov 8, 2013 10:11 AM Flag

    What the release means

    Here's how I read between the lines of the earnings call and release. (1) management is in for the long haul. Their language and tactics say it and consistently in every media forum. (2) Fiat. A big Fortune 500 company like Fiat doesn't join forces with a company that is about to go out of business. Let's watch when they announce the winner of the contest and see what level shows up for Fiat. If they sign up to do another promotion with Jones, I'd take that as a huge sign from corporate America. Fiat also tells other potential partners in the US and Europe that Jones is a company to work with. So why would they work with Jones? Because the company's brand --if at last managed well by a sane management team-- appeals to teenagers. Not many brands outside of energy drinks have that power. (3) Fountain. Anyone in SF and NYC can find Jones on Fountain at Glaze. Check out the cups. If this is a test or model for the future, that would be a new source of revenues for Jones and one that can be stable and profitable, not to mention free advertising which Cuue says is what the company is all about. Revenue growth without big stupid cost. (4) Improved P & L. Steady progress is probably more sustainable. Granted, revenue growth was not big and perhaps hardly mentionable but it could have been the other way. so I am adding all of this up and not finding all the bad stuff that seems like a lot of shorts want us all to believe. The time to tell won't be next week for the stock but next year exactly at this time. I'm hoping there is a lot of tax selling in Dec.

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