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  • the_raven_36 the_raven_36 Nov 14, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

    Check the historicals

    Without much change in overall planning, JSDA has consistently ranged between the low 60's and upper 70's. The distribution channels are staying what they are or expanding.

    They have a product that you and I can easily buy no matter the wholesale price...after all..that is what determines JSDA much they sell to the retailer.


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    • I looked at these trough the first of June this year and understand what you mean. Thanks

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    • How do you arrive at your conclusion that there should have been any "change in overall planning" during the time the share price was in a trading range between 0.60 and 0.70? The current manageemnt team has been in place less than two years and put their transition plans bit by bit into practive slightly more than a year ago.
      The change in the trading range from higher levels was occassioned by the selling shareholders deciding that what they thought was going to happen by the time Q3 ended did not and they have decided to bail. Too much of the enthusiasm that found its way into posts on this Board was founded on hot air and ignorance and infantile comment.
      A study of the Q3 report, which really is quite imited in salient information, shows stagnant accomplishment over the past 5 years. Operating margins and performance ratios have remained almost completely unchanged in every category. This I think shocked those who were anticpating a "new" regime and strong leadership's actions since taking the reins less than 2 years ago.
      Time after time my comments about the price action of the stock since moving out of the long time range below $0.30 harped on the lack of a real "money" interest in the stock. If the stock price can maintain a level above $0.60 as it has since the release of Q3 data, and we do not see substantially higher daily volume of trading should the share price fall, it will simply mirror what took place on the way up.
      It is the" money flow" not only the share price that determines whether a stock is a good buy or not. I also have never veared from position that JSDA is a "Speculative Gamble" and my long position was taken with a full understanding I could see my investment disappear. Others with far less experience and eduaction than I was fortunate to have just posted blabber and nonsense when it come to what today's Jone Soada is and what it is not.. When I took the position I said only those with the financial wherewithall should own one share.

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