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  • basehit123 basehit123 Nov 14, 2013 5:41 PM Flag

    U want a catalyst?! Here it is....


    The primary catalyst for JSDA is simple......... a better run, more efficient company that's finds a way to be better at getting their primary products to places where the customer can purchase, while keeping costs under control..........Pretty Simple.

    For now, there's no magic product or invention, but they do have a product that when put in front of the right customer at the right price, it will be purchased.

    I think the price needs to come down some, and JSDA needs to find further cost savings in producing and distributing their product. I also think there needs to be some coupons to not only encourage consumers to buy, but more so, make their name more prevalent. In my opinion, the fall of JCP was doing away with advertising and sales. I believed that at the time, because every week we would SEE ads and coupons from Kohls, Macys, Sears, ect.....but no JCP!.....and it became forgotten! (By the way Nutty...I think JCP is a BUY). But if you're going to see Jones in that fashion, you gotta be able to find it too!
    The complaints about Meissner was basically that he was looking for magic somewhere else, and veered from the core products, and what made Jones, Jones. Well, JC is doing what was asked, back to the core product and seems to be making headway in all of these areas. Whether she does it or not, it won't happen overnight.
    And for Nutty and NetPro that knock it as sugar water? I see new Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kremes opening up. Not only that, even a new family owned local donut shop is opening a 3rd. People are buying donuts.....fried carbs and sugar! They have bounced back from the grave after the Atkins fad. It was just about 5 years ago that you could buy KKD for about a buck, and now it’s 25! And after Dunkin reinventing themselves, that’s gone from mid 20’s to high 40’s. Can Jones? ...... Yeah, they need to be smart with cash, but why not?

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    • sjjma Nov 15, 2013 1:08 PM Flag

      I think you make some good points. I have to agree that coupons might help get their name out there more. I can tell you that this year we are spending about $100 online with Jones Soda, purchasing several 6 pk bottles with our kids pictures on them as gifts for grandparents (who have everything they want and that we can never think of ideas for:) We've never purchased from the site before. Its about $20 for each personalized 6 pack with shipping but is a great personalized gift that people know you put some thought into and didnt just run out at the last second to find. Plus we've spent more on gifts in the past that you are pretty sure they won't even really like that much... this is something they will probably use as a conversation piece in their home for a long time. If more people knew this idea was available they could maybe bring the cost down a little if they had more volume, plus they could get their name and product out there more. They sell Jones soda at a grocery store near us, however its on a display near the deli section... not even by the coke/pepsi case displays... So they have lots of room for improvement/growth. I am hesitant to buy the stock, knowing that they could run out of cash and need to dilute at a ridiculously low price, and the risk of the reverse split (which I'm glad they chose not to do and decided to be delisted instead). But I see the potential, and I really like their product and some of their ideas.... so I buy a little once and a while with it at these levels. I know I could lose it all... but I also hope that this "turnaround" works and that a few years from now we could be kicking ourselves for not buying more at this price. I remember several years back I ALMOST bought crocs when it was right around $1. Now its $13. So its fun to have a stock where theres a risk you'll lose some money but theres also the chance you'll be able to pay your house off someday if they can figure out how to do everything just right.

    • thanks for the reply. i honestly do not think there is a business in 2013 in children's sodas. that is their core. meissner tried to get away from it but he was incompetent and merely an employee. Cue is a bit more entreprenurial but she does not understand the soda market in 2013. chris reed does. jen cue does not. the market for their product line is a poor one. and there is little shelf space for a late to the game addition like jones naturals. it is a great product for 2002, but sadly outdated in 2013. right now they are grossing an average of $650 per state per day in revenue. think about how very weak a brand that is. after two decades of selling. $650 a day per state. $25 an hour per state. gross.

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