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  • mirv909 mirv909 Nov 19, 2013 4:10 PM Flag

    The right time yet?

    I am a jsda investor from way back. Rode the wave from $3 to $21 and got out before the crash. I have read the recent financial statements and thinking that this may be a good buy again. The stock price has been crushed into oblivion and the upside is closing in on the downside.

    Curious of others thoughts on whether nada can began to regrow revenue. The plan seems to be working regarding expenses but I am still unconvinced of revenue turnaround. Also, to the traders, my instincts tell me to wait on this to come down from the .60 it is at now. Do you agree?

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    • Tell us some more mirv.

    • there is not much here to grow. especially not bottom line. they can always grow top line by giving away product at or below cost again. but there is no market for another 10,000 cases of fufu soda for children a month. the problem is that Cue thinks that there is. she also thinks a soda with sugar instead of corn syrup is an innovation the market wants. that said, they are not losing much money anymore and can probably make a penny or two a share based on cost cutting. so it is not going back to 30 cents. it can probably get to $2 on hype and asset inflation and it being a public company in an inflated market with a lot of hot money looking for trades. trying to pick the bottom is not fruitful at this price. i would be surprised to see it below 50 cents.

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