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  • who_gnu_1235 who_gnu_1235 Nov 29, 2013 10:59 AM Flag


    can you explain the logic behind your predictions

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    • first rule of trading. There is no sense in the market.
      So I take that into consideration when predicting Jones Soda. When they posted there Q-3 figures, and there was a growth in revenue, first time in how many quarters????? I figured the stock would stabilize and hold .77 to .80.. It did not. There was an immediate drop for many days. After 2 weeks I'm figuring someone will dump 1/2 million shares at some point to drive it down. When you think about it, there is a relatively small float here and 1/2 million shares being dumped would cause what we seen wednesday. There is absolutely no reason for the drop, and this should not be happening. that being said, I think any time that it drops below .50 cents you have to be a buyer. I just moved more cash to the sidelines in hopes that Monday or Tuesday we see another large share dump. I will have a couple of limit buys sitting out there, and hope I can pick off a few shares. I also realize it will be March or even April before this starts to move. You have to realize there are a lot of ex employee's here that have an axe to grind. Nuttie is one of them. Jennifer Cue and Carrie Trainer have their act together and it will be interesting to see what next year brings.
      On the side: Some of this might be tax selling, and with the 30 day wash rule, I look for a move just before christmas, or shortly after. Notice the sale date of this weeks dump? I look for whomever dumped to buy them back just before the eoy. Write it off this year, and maybe a 4 bagger by may. If they continue to sell their product in whole foods, and expand nationally on that, as well as continued core sales increases, we could see increases enough in revenue to cover the additional people they have hired. Had they not of hired additional staff, and done the michigan deal, they would have showed a profit in q-3. The bar is set so low right now, any increases will be noticed.
      The games afoot between now and the eoy..... Buy on the dips.

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