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  • nguyenvt75 nguyenvt75 Jan 31, 2014 5:32 PM Flag

    One of two things needs to happen

    It would be nice to see the expense to come down by a couple hundred thousands more or the sale to increase by at least half million per quarter. I will be a real turnaround for the company if both happen at the same time....if that happen, we will see the stock get to 4 or 5 folds easily.

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    • Most of albertsons stores in El Paso tx have Jones and every time I visit the stores most of Jones cases are gone....that is telling me that people like Jones Soda sales is getting busy

    • the last 4 CEO'S could not cut expenses and grow sales to turn a profit ,..all JC is doing is cutting SGA expense to try and contain the cash burn and as A result theres declining sales... theres no demand for premium priced sugar water.....the other option you missed is to increase margins , but jones has 3rd party manufactures do everything and jones price point is 3 to 4 times it's competition with 25% margins increasing margins or the price point to increase margins is not an option.. this is why jones buisness model is broken and why jones has been diluting to survive....if you try to spend money to grow the buisness SGA increases and sales need to increase to make up for the SGA expense , but if no one is willing to pay 3 to 4 times the price for jones , when they could just buy coke or pepsi products or private lable for 3 to 4 times less than jones,, ( if jones is even on the shelf ) is why jones buisness model is broken and is all push no pull...and why the last 4 CEO'S failed

      JC'S hands are tied just like the last 3 CEO'S,, thats why she is hanging pictures in the lobby and collecting her pay check until the cash is gone.....the more she cuts SGA the more pay checks she will collect...

      jones does not have the capital to compete or survive on a national level, theres no turnaround , no growth, no demand, no buying interest...

      jones does not have the capital to pay it's current liabilities...even with their new creditline..

      jones days are numbered

      Tick , tock

    • do not look for miracles in Q4 or even Q1. Q2 and Q3 are the sweet spots.

    • my store visits suggest case counts are improving, when product is available it is purchased, i am suprised by the negative comments.......
      form your own opinion

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