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  • tlwatson59 tlwatson59 Feb 5, 2014 9:12 AM Flag

    The Stock Does Not Behave

    like it's going out of business but seems to be caught up in the general malaise hitting stock markets around the world. If it were such a candiadte for the dung heap as one very vociferous poster keeps saying the selling volume and price level would be at least back down to under the 30 cent level that it left behind a long time ago.

    The big drawback to owning the stock is it does not have any liquidity and from what I've seen a very untrustworthy market maker. Spreads are often far greater than they should be in a penny stock. Short interest does not really exist. The positive is it seems to have overcome its previous inability to get their balance sheet righted and the Q1 figures will tell if they have improved their distribution channel and achieved product acceptance for their new line.

    In any ev ent it is a penny stock and that means you need to accept that you pay your money and you take your chances. To prognasticate that this is the next coming in the beverage world and will sweep everything else off the shelves can't be based on spectacular valid sales revenue and profit growth levels but childish cheering.

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    • Here's BC using his thesourass again...what a dog!
      The PPS will budge when any neutral or positive PR hits. We have a month to wait until the 10 is due. Until then pleasant company will do.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • posting to yourself again BC?...shame!

      Sentiment: Buy

    • no, jones is not going out of business soon. they are not going anywhere soon. what is frustrating is that you have a well-known name and you throw it away by not being able to understand your market or your business or your products. celebrating 18 years of photos on bottles? that is a business model?

      do they realize how stupid it sounds that care almost not at all about what is in the bottle, but devote profound effort to the labels and the giveways for collecting bottles. i have no complaints if it is profitable. but they have literally lost tens of millions of dollars (hundreds???) trying to establish a still failing business of putting photos on soda bottles. cafepress will put photos on almost anything. they are making millions in profits. jones specializes in selling photos on soda bottles. for which they charge 100% more than the sodas people actually spend billions on. oh, its not your photo, like cafe press. its just someone's photo. hence the losses, falling sales, and lobby redecoration. and when they stop the sales falling, the margins will be so poor that making a million in proift will take years and years.

      this is sad.

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