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  • amplastbag amplastbag Mar 7, 2014 3:16 PM Flag

    Maybe Now Folks Understand What a Speculative Gamble means.

    How many dimwitted posts singing the praises of JSDA as though this was an established factor in the specialty soda market just waiting to sweep the market off its feet have been posted on this board? How many times was the warning that the stock was a "speculative ganble" and only those who could afford the financial risk should own one share ot it. Now we see all the moaning and groaning because a figment of their imagination failed to materialize.
    Two years ago JSDA was a stock ready to disappear from the scene. Eighteen months ago two women returned to the Company years after taking part in a previous resurection of the business and embarked on a plan to repeat their previous success. Because some allowed themselves to get carried away with their own fantasies and definitely chose to put words into the mouths of management that were never said by them ot published anywhere are screaming like stuck pigs about management failures.
    18 months after taking the reins of operation the two womed have washed away the failing business model, cleaned up a very damaged balance sheet and again, without making any promises seem poised to continue their goal of growing a successsful nitche player in the specialty soda business.
    One dunce who keeps harping on how financially insecure they are and will file for BK any day now and can't even count to ten with the help of his fingers still cannot see what an extraordinary job the CEO and CFO have done to date. Over the past 12 months the Balance sheet shows $1.7 million in cash, there is a reserve fund that has not been tapped and positive cash flow increased over last year. New distribution agreements that have recently been put into place have the potential to create real revenue over the next 12 months. How profitable that may turn out to be is onyone's guess.

    They are still only a "speculative gamble". but they never fooled or mislead anyone either.

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    • amp, well played trading on your part and wise to sell when you did and buy when you did. my problem with the company is that the business model has not changed. cue reset the overhead and is pursuing the identical business model. it is so easy to cut expenses. what is hard is to cut expenses and not have sales collapse. but sales collapsed. the stock has been diluted, assets sold off and they are still losing money at a rate of about $4 million a year i am guessing. there is no vision here. halloween novelty cans are not how you build a brand or a company. foolishness. so you have made money, but that does not have anything to do with jones as a successful company. i could not be more disappointed in how this company is managing to trash a brand once highly regarded.

    • what an egotistical asssseeee

    • Despite all of the ranting about the ranting, this guy finally made some really valid points, which were:
      Over the past 12 months the balance sheet shows $1.7 million in cash,
      There is a reserve fund that has not been tapped, and
      Positive cash flow increased over last year.
      New distribution agreements that have recently been put into place have the potential to create real revenue over the next 12 months.
      All of which is to indicate that this disaster of a company is moving well toward a becoming a real legitimate business, with responsible management, and a thoughtful plan -- that is being executed -- to return to profitability.

    • well done! agree on both points - finances are not now an issue, those betting on a turnaround should recognize its speculative nature Q4 being a prime example - is it a bump or is it a trend?

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