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  • baldingcontrarian baldingcontrarian Mar 8, 2014 9:08 PM Flag

    wow, everyone is so negative, except for jwm

    but someone had it right when they said the stock is in a position to break down or break up.
    still ill have to take a pass. this quarter was horrific, producing a paltry 250k in GP. #$%$ peix is producing that in cash flow per day! I sold a lot of peix for regi. ill stick with my plan. ethanol and biodiesel. printing money

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    • balding - well done on your ethanol plays. you deserve a lot of credit. comparing them peix still has lowest p/s ratio even after its huge run. regi is close in p/s ratio, others are higher. p/s is important parameter as profitability is influenced by product of gallons sold and crush spread. i made a bit on peix but i'll pass for now as they have run quite a bit and corn prices are starting to increase. re negativity on jsda - how can one not be negative given recent q? it remains to be seen whether this is bump or trend. golden cross still a ta possibility.

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      • w/g,
        thanks for having my back. people became overly incensed at me, not realizing my motives were pure.
        I had my dad buy peix, rex and gpre about 6 weeks ago. And now into regi too. plus I have 4400 regi for disclosure.
        As to peix p/s etc., its a bit deceiving as peix has a marketing arm, kinergy, which sells others ethanol, so some of their sales are NOT their production. the key is they did 1.25 cash flow, adj ebitda as it were, and they did not have all the tailwinds that they do in Q1. I described these on peix board yest am(sat)
        as to regi, look at balance sheet. NAV, or shareholder equity, net of goodwill, goes ffrom 35MM 2 yrs ago, to over 500MM at last report. Meanwhile the stock went nowhere. Amazing. No matter what happens with congress and windfall tax credits possibly looming, their newly formed life sciences division will be further vetted (upcoming products from their waste glycerin stream(listen to the last 2 conf calls) later in April. They will hold an investor c/c then, which will blow the lid off how their patent portfolio and mindshare gained by the ls9 acquisition will utilize their 'waste' glycerin (byproduct from biodiesel production) will add a new layer of incremental profits to add to their profitable diesel biz.
        The beauty of having so much cash and cash flow is that they can leverage their liquidity to have the best of breed plants, efficiency, and make pretty much whatever acquisitions they believe will fit their existing models and enhance them.
        They literally can buy earnings. Which they did with the LS( and SYNM buyouts, although synm is still pending awaiting synm s/h approval.
        The ceo, west point grad, Japanese American, mba, chemistry degree, bulletproof resume and no wonder they will turn this into a 1BB plus company by the end of next yr.
        Screaming m/f buy.
        and yes peix will go to 600MM very soon, 6 xebitda for 2014 is 600mm. which is very conservative valuation.

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