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  • alderson59 alderson59 Mar 13, 2014 1:54 PM Flag

    250k order today

    man ole man, I had to use fingers and toes to count all those zero's on that one order.....
    hahahahahahahahahaha somebody is sniffin up shares.....
    Maybe an insider is really going to buy some shares????

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    • great find. at high of day and indiscriminate (as opposed to buying smaller chunks at lower prices)

    • What is this dumb attachment you have to insider buying when the key people have cheap options on millions of shares the go out for years.

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      • okay. Do some digging there amputee. Instead of cutting me to shreads, go back and look at insider buys in the first 9 months last year. You may be correct that they do have zillions of shares in options, that I can not argue. I would however point out, that regardless of the options, unless they correct the downhill slalom of declining revies, those options, along with the other 30 million shares will be worthless. I enjoy a good show, and this one's been playing out for over a year now. If the distributor in Texas works out, who knows. The thing I have to wonder about is that distributor. Say they did the deal, in February? Or whenever this year? If they sold it to the distributor, or advanced it to the distributor, when will all of the costs and revenues associated with that deal show up? Q-1 or Q-2? It will be interesting to see if they try to show that as revenue in Q-1? Just a thought. If they don't show some improvement on the revenue side, we will see the 30 cent range the first week of May, after they release Q-1 figures.

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