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  • amplastbag amplastbag Mar 19, 2014 1:59 PM Flag

    Even The Gaggle of Penny Ante Players

    have left the scene. We have only the ethonol pumper and the resident grump to wax eloquently.

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    • still here with significant position and growing thirst as we are about to enter prime seasons. i welcome baldings comments - those who followed him early on are sporting triple digit gains. if naysayers made similar recommendations more of us could benefit. the purpose of financial threads like this should be to help us all prosper. i wish you and everyone here the best.

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      • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat Mar 20, 2014 8:17 PM Flag

        If you listened to "naysayers" you wouldn't be a baggie still crossing your fingers waiting for another loss,,,,BALDY called another bottom and told you to load up at .60 and fasten your seat belt because jones was going over abuck to a buck fifty,,, i will give him kudos for PEIX pump weeks before it made the triple top breakout list , but it's hard to believe he got PEIX right when he failed to understand jones cash flow and fundamentals...i think seeking alpha helped him and the article was factual for a change not the usual garbage that SA is famous for. but with that said ....i would recommend you look at the 10k that jones has been hiding and waiting until the last minute to release, and if you understand the cash flow and fundamentals you have been avoiding quarter after quarter ,, you wouldn't have a significant position in this HIGH RISK spec play ....

        TICK , TOCK

      • even 5 weeks ago you could have triple diggy gains. it could get to 40, so quadruple digit gains from $4 is very possible. But will have to watch how strong summer demand and exports and regulatory decisions.

    • id rather be a penny ante player than stuck with 100k plus jsda.
      anyways, ethanol hit a 8 yr record high yest. on the coasts, record exports last week, ethanol is 4.00g in NY harbor. up 60% this year.
      when peix hits 30 you will scratch your little noggin and ask why. so im telling you now.

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      • I see how much your ballyhooing is attracting interest and attention here in ethanol. If I were to sell all of my long positon at .01 I would suffer a great loss of $30,000 of other peoples money at this point in a stock that I have always described as a Speculative Gamble. Contrast that with the penny ahte players who attach a labe of greatness to JSDA.
        As for your windfall enjoy it but don't look for any acclamation from this quarter and on this Board that has no relation to other stocks.

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