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  • cleancutter cleancutter Apr 9, 2014 11:45 PM Flag

    WalMart Update....

    april product sales appear to be more then 2x Dec numbers, from a low baseline
    these sales are 2qtr, my free time is low this month but i will try to confirm this trend at the end of the month,
    Also, shelf space is increasing with beter location, when they put it on the self it moves well.
    i would like to comment on PULL, we have been trying to pull for some time, no amount of pull brings product up to now,,,, still lots of room for improvement, be smart with your trading....
    Hi Mr Nut :)

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    • OK, I promised an update, first I want to let everyone know I nominated our very own Mr Nut for fan of the month (he updates us on the Jones door daily).

      store visits have no yoy data to compare, product continues to sell, I see some improvement in Dist, more attention to the displayed product..
      A comment was made to me by a store employee that I choose not to repeat, I will say that it appears someone at Jones is mending old fences....form your own opinion.
      these updates only reflect observations at Walmart stores.
      the trend is improvement
      I am very curious to hear the qtrly numbers.

    • well my time is still limited, store visits are spotty, we are pulling again, this time it was met with laughter, I will post if we have success or not at draging product through the dist chain.
      it looks like easy 2x-5x case increase is posible, but the effort i have seen up to now is very relaxed,
      I read a post here refering to hiking, i am sad to say it may be correct, i think they need an "old school" delievery man showing them how to get it done.......
      the good news is summer is here, happy trading

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      • store checks were mixed, personaly i was a bit disapointed,
        shelf space has increased
        selection is better at most stores
        movement per sq ft has increased
        no yoy data,
        POS anything would help, end caps, deli, anything, i really mean anything would help,
        new flavors move nicely when first stocked then drop off, a flavor rotation will likely increase sales at most locations, our visits are still limited,,,,,, go buy some soda......

    • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat Apr 10, 2014 10:53 AM Flag

      what are you sweeping floors at your local walmart trying to watch

      you got your pull mixed up with push...the bigger picture is jones doesn't make money on anything they sell ..margins do not cover operational expenses....

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