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  • alderson59 alderson59 May 8, 2014 3:59 PM Flag

    shorted at .48. Guaranteed profit friday morning

    ould not help myself. with all that is wrong with this company, I shorted a few thousand shares at. .48 and .47. Guaranteed profit friday morning. see you at .35.....

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    • honestly that was not a bad bet because the stock is stuck. the company is stuck. the brand is dying and management doesnt have a clue on how to revive it. they think they do. it is exactly like the ceo of barnes and noble coming and saying i was the ceo in 1999 when the company was flourishing and the stock was at $100. he thinks it was him and the heyday is a matter of a few quarters of belt tightening. these guys are still shouting about photos on bottles and real sugar. no one told them about cafe press and the fact that sugar has been vilified. people who care about what they drink are not drawn to "real sugar" as a pitch. and photos on a bottle are as interesting - or less so- as photos on my phone or facebook or any other social media. to me it is shocking that they have not figured this out yet. that they have not said, hey, its not working like it was 15 freaking years ago, so we are doing something different. FIFTEEN!!! get it? jones, the nostalgia brand known for gravy soda, that no one likes. a novelty that loses money. and they dont have a shred of a clue as what else to do other than repeat the exact same product strategies. 1000 walmarts and sales are still falling? how is that even possible mathematically? i bet the margin on the walmart product is horrific. so i understand losing money on increasing sales due to brutal margins. still. you dont short a soda company in May.

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      • Hey Net, do you think the longs are invested in the Jones company? or the JSDA stock?
        I hear lots of bashing the company, they have a point, but i think the new longs are buying the stock, thinking Cue can get the excitment up along with the price, I do understand the reason to short the company, but the stock looks to me to be a good buy for summer. care to comment on my opinion ? thanks

    • and then

    • you may make a few pennies but dont get too greedy. we are in peak season time to take long profits or short is Q3 results when company enters slow season

    • lol. the minute you use the G word.....

      betting against the short term trend too. hmmm. i will have to check a chart.

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