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  • amplastbag amplastbag May 9, 2014 11:05 AM Flag

    Possible Short Trap

    Unless the heavy trading that usually comes in to play around noon indicating west coast activity, comes in on the sell side, Shorts at $0.48 could be in for a surprise. Either it is a lack of general market interest or a decision by longs, especially those who were active yesterday, that the report while not exciting bore out the comments by mangement that while slower than anticipated were still positive in making gains over the next 2 quarters.

    In the end it's money talking that affects the stock price not the message board babble.

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    • More delusional babble from the resident dimwit

    • i think it is simpler than that. you dont short a soda company in May. you short it in october. it is seasonal and jones is still within 10 cents of the 52 low. they have enough cash that they are not going bankrupt for a couple years. of course, if they lose walmart, then they probably file within six months. a premium (lol) soda depending on walmart sales. ok, whatever. the conference call was another sad affair. higher costs, flat margins, lower sales. all the answers were so sad too. a lot of "i cant tell you yet". they make cruise missles? they dont want to tip off the competition as to what kind of go pro they are giving away? what? a go pro as a grand prize? lol. have a raffle jennifer. maybe a yard sale. is an mba in charge here or mrs. johnson's fourth grade class?

      the whole conference was like a stand up routine. canada is a big market for us. we are thinking of hiring a part time sales rep this summer. #$%$? so jones is local and regional brand now. no longer national. essentially dependent on walmart to stave off bankruptcy. new products? lol. they are thinking about it. seriously? but, i am being too harsh. it can take many years to turn around a soda company the market size of a few mcdonalds locations. years. 50 employees spending 10 million a year selling children soda at a loss. what 3 - 4 years of turnaround? and jones now is not even close to making a profit. and is in fact increasing losses again. ugh.

      let's all go do yoga now. after lunch.

      dont short jsda now. summer. 50 cents soon. good that walmart was expanding the store authorization to 1500. good that cue is looking to establish in small stores. good there is significant cash for the next year. i will end on the positive note.

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      • Have you been asleep for the past 6 months that it just dawned on you that the retrenching program that called for reducing sharply the geographic areas into those they were trying to introduce their revamped product line. I have not seen them hailing the Walmart connection for along time unless those stores fell into the geographic territoy they were trying to cover.

        Thr educed cash burn by mor than 60% is an indication that they are slowly getting their house in order. The next 6 months will tell us how good a new marketing job they done with the annpunced program almost two years ago. The real key now is in the product quality and desire of the public to buy it. The two running the Compnay are neither novices at this nor is their previous business history reason to doubt they have an outside shot at pulling it off.

        For cyriing out loud you are ranking a "penny stock" against giants in an industry that has always seen nitche players come and go. For that kind of money this Speculative Gamble as I have always called it is actually looking better each day. The one caution - if you can't afford to lose your money here you can't deseve to make any either.

      • LOL.... I thought I was the board yukster. I'm still shocked the price did not drop today after yesterday's soda wreck. I really figured .35 cents would be the norm today. I even used the word "guaranteed". Man was I wrong. Guess there might be something to see at this traffic accident after all...... Guess I had better stick around to see J.C. use the jaws of life to resurrect this lifeless soda company.......

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