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  • netprophecy2 netprophecy2 Jun 10, 2014 11:26 AM Flag

    witness the slow abandonment of jones as an investment

    2 cents over the 52 low!!! tax loss selling low in June!! it would appear that the stock is headed for the 20 cent level later this year. the horrible management of this company is taking its toll. it can continue to dilute and hang on for another couple of years, however, unless they do something radical and wise, this is just a slowly sinking boat. a promotions company sells soda at a loss year after year. if they lose walmart now, its over. and walmart loves crushing vendors.

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    • walmart does not mean nothing. and of course they can sell shares. as a banker i would pay 20 cents for shares now with a year restriction. not more. there is no business model. do a bunch of stuff and hope something works is the model they are using. so, fiat and walmart? fiat with an average buyer demo of over 50? if you ask jencue what is average buyer age of a fiat, she --- clearly ---- will have no idea it appears. and they are doing tastings in the dealerships? and walmart is the largest seller? i yearn for a single competent person to arise in this mess. how hard is it? is the demo for stripped really 50 year olds? this is sickening to watch. and i'm not wrong. the market speaks every day here. 41 cents. in the freaking summer.

    • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat Jun 10, 2014 6:15 PM Flag

      Dilution is not up to jones , you can not force someone to buy your shares...thats why jones had to go for the line of credit..and the line of credit keeps jones from being able to dilute,, if that option was even available to jones..

      walmart means nothing it has been all push no pull since day one....overpriced sugar water with low margins,

      jones 3rd party buisness model is broken and can,t be fixed , thats why all the other CEO,s failed and bailed..

      margins don't cover operational expense..

      jones will run out of capital to survive by the end of the year ,per the 10k,, unless they can dilute to survive ,and that option is not available to them it was all the other times jones diluted to survive..

      Tick , tock

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