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  • alderson59 alderson59 Jul 9, 2014 10:06 AM Flag

    52 week low today at .38 cents

    I wonder why management has done nothing to at least try to make an attempt at shoring up stock price. I guess we may be heading to .25 cents by the first week of August. Pretty sad that this company and it's stock actually had credibility a few years back. Now I am wondering how soon J.C. throws in the towel? It has got to be close. Would any serious investor buy shares here or even at a lower price hoping to see what? Another Fiat fiasco? I will call in on the call in august and ask some tough questions. Whoopass is gone, Seasonals are gone, Whats next? The whole company gone? When will management and the board, (the board of directors, what a joke that is), ever come up with a relevant business plan?

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    • The shocking thing about this company is that I am an independent grocery store and have called, e-mailed, and begged Jones to get me the name of a distributor so I can get in the store in my city. I received a couple nice e-mails back from a lady, but 2 years later no contact from a distributor. They obviously don't care that much when they are turning down sales.

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    • when walmart reverses course, she will leave. and that day is coming. read recent walmart comments on shoppers not having money to afford walmart. they will flush the shelves of slow movers and high price items. fiat and walmart are the two pillars of support here. think about it. the board clearly no longer cares. the employees will stay as long as the checks clear. another 60 days to the start of tax loss season. and it is obvious the summer sucked again. there are so many capable people out there. how did jones wind up with current management?

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