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  • this_world_is_chaos this_world_is_chaos Jul 14, 2014 12:02 PM Flag

    The reason Jones flounders

    The shocking thing about this company is that I am an independent grocery store and have called, e-mailed, and begged Jones to get me the name of a distributor so I can get it in the store in my city. I received a couple nice e-mails back from a lady, but 2 years later no contact from a distributor. They obviously don't care that much when they are turning down sales when someone calls and asks them to do 10 minutes of work to sell pallets of product.

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    • Chaos -

      I live in the Seattle area, and happen to know an employee down there. E-mail them at "retailinquiries", and you will definitely get traction with your order.

    • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat Jul 15, 2014 2:47 PM Flag

      jones flounders because of their low margins....they don't make any money after operational expenses are paid ....on a 2.00 bottle of soda , cost of goods is 1.52 ...jones net gross is .48 cents before operational expenses which would equal 1.00 ...jones losses .52 cents on every sale..( based on the last 10q) why send you soda that they will lose money on, when they can cash more checks before running out of cash to survive .......and that is why management has their hands tied...jones has no control over their margins when everything is done by a 3rd party...

    • I bought two problem. one last year and one this year. You can buy 60 cases on one pallet and have it shipped to your store. Just buy it directly from company and it will make it happen.

    • why would you want it in your store? and i doubt you spent 2 years trying for a return call.

      the reason they flounder? lack of innovation. poor products. lack of focus. lack of work ethic. ouch sorry. look at the vaunted website. it is an unmitigated mess. broken links, few clicks and ratings, no reviews. (some stripped products have 8 ratings and no one wrote a review in years, except a bev blog which reviewed natural and vilified the entire line - google jones stripped and review - nightmare stuff). so how does a new media company with edgy marketing have empty fields, no reviews, 8 ratings, no ingredients?) i think the only explanation is called not giving a sh--t). or is everyone pulling all nighters and they can't keep up? how are two of the flavors of stripper out of stock? good management? overwhelming demand? i doubt that, because smart management would have a PR out that they can't keep up with demand. but smart management doesn't run out of product.

      i. do. not. understand. how. the. board. allows. this. performance. to. persist. some of the flavors on their own site have 3 stars. holy #$%$. these are FANS! and they rated the products 3 stars average. let the chairman of the board join the conference call and answer for this rolling disaster. dow 17,000 and JSDA at 52 week lows.

      bottom line. 38 cents. losing money. 2 years into "turnaround". which is in fact the fifth "turnaround" or so. but this time the plan is so savagely bad, i see little hope.

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      • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat Jul 15, 2014 6:52 PM Flag

        management runs out of product because margins are low. and jones losses money on every sale....jones lemonade stand buys product from a 3rd party ,( after the 3rd party pay's their expenses'.) jones lemonade stand has to sell at a high price point to cover the additional expense's from the 3rd party. .... but no body wants to pay those premium prices so there's no demand......and when jones does sell their lemonade they don't make enough to cover their own expense' there's no money left to advertise and promote .or buy more goods... .. jones can't raise their already high price point to increase margins to cover expense's and maybe make a profit........and jones can't lower their price point to create demand for their jones keeps diluting shareholders to survive and keeps crying turnaround and growth to many times. and now jones has to close their lemonade stand because no one believes them anymore....after burning over 40 million dollars in their sugar dream...

      • netprophecy2, I totally agree with your analysis of Jones over the last 2 years. I wasn't calling them everyday or anything- I would just send out an e-mail every couple of months and would rarely get even a reply. And I did want it in the store because we have been selling other brands of higher priced 4 packs the last few years (sprecher, mcgillicudy's, etc.). I had it in here in the 90's and it didn't sell so well, but the craft beer and soda market have been growing over the last 5 years in this area. I do believe people will pay for this product, but they can't if it's not on the store shelves.

        Sentiment: Sell

      • and a final note. accounting games to turn a penny profit on tiny sales is not the foundation of a public company. and i think it is clear, that is J Cue's goal. make a penny after eliminating most of the organization, skus and distribution and go HUZZAH a turnaround. anyone can make money from a lemonade stand. the real failure is a lack of product for 2014 and lack of coherent marketing plan. give it to a mbs student group at a local college. please. please. they might tell you fufuberry soda with a cat photo on it, is not edgy. unless its 1982.

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