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  • netprophecy2 netprophecy2 Aug 26, 2014 12:44 PM Flag

    to me it is part of the corruption of the markets

    ceo buys stock from herself below market and announces her investment and the stock goes up. printing money.
    other ceos might have bought at market and reduced the float. so cue printed money. ok. the stock has not gone up for business reasons in how long? more than a year?

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    • What are you babbling about? Her buying "at the market" would have done nothing to reduce the outstanding shares dummy. Only stock bought by the Company and retired into the treasury does that. For two years she worked at a substantially reduced salary. Now she put up over half a million dollars of her own money which now goes to fund a cash starved entity and a dumbbell like you have shown yourself to be time after time comes up with your latest gem of stupidity.

    • I can see your point here, and unfortunately in the stock world that's how it works sometimes. It would have been great to have her go out and buy at the market, but at the same time she has 2 million shares worth of options that she was granted in exchange for a reduced salary.....if you were in her shoes, and you thought the company was going in the right direction, which option would you choose?

      If you were planning to pick up 50k shares, yea, maybe you hit the open market with that....but when you're planning on buying 1.8 million shares, why not use what you were granted, and make a bigger share purchased than you could in the open market, and at the same time cash in on some of what you were granted as part of your salary package?

      I can't blame her one bit for this.

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