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  • burgersboat burgersboat Jan 8, 2002 5:47 PM Flag

    how high???

    Well the stock will start rising,,I'm starting to sell off my shares!!! It usually happens to all my stock when I start selling them. WATCH & SEE. I'll let you know in advance when I'm finished

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    • I'm surprised, Burger. MTW is doing well. Major new marine contracts for Coast Guard vessels and ferries; continuing crane orders despite downturn in major construction; and...well...everyone needs ice!!!!

      Seriously, though Burger, if I recall correctly without doing a lot of investigation, I thought you have historically been an MTW loyalist. Am I wrong? If not, why the change of heart? I'm in for the long haul, but I also recognize that these Yahoo! boards don't effect squat! Given your analysis of your track-record, apparently you would agree!! lol...

      Please let me know why you are selling off? Is it just because the stock is doing well and you want to take some profits?

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      • During the depression my grandfather was give stock certs. for pay. Since that time the stock has split over (i'm guessing)125 times. Because of all the splits , my basis is $ .03/share (if that) !! Profits ????

        I'm not selling all what I have, but I've got too much of my holdings tied up in one company!

        Another thing is the present board is doing things I don't like. This yearly dividend SUCKS. Why should we hold our stock for a whole year and someone else be able to buy stock right before the "day of record" & we both get the same dividend??? The company uses our dividends for a whole year & we don't get credit for it ??

        Another thing is how many of the board especially the CEO have purched any stock (other than through options @ $ 7.75/share) ??? If they are so enthusiastic about their company, why aren't they buying shares other than the option way???

        Another thing, the president of Bay Shipbuilding has no experience in the marine field & was semi-retired. What were his qualifications to land that job ??

        Another thing, when was the last time we stock holders got a dividend increase vs. the officers getting a pay increase ???

        Granted the marine end of the company was a "rock" around the companys neck for a long time, but their day is coming !!
        One thing though is the alarming low (& getting lower) lake water level. This is going to have a dramatic effect on Great Lakes shipping.

        Another thing, if the company is trying to "corner" the construction market,why aren't they developing a "Grove" style excavator ??? When the WTC was destoyed (9-11-01) there were 2 MTW cranes brought in & 3 Grove excavators,, now all I see is 1 MTW & 8 "Groves"!! What Clean-up project (or building project) has gotten this much World wide exposure for so long ?? And we're ONLY being represented by 1 crane !!

        And finally I need the extra cash to buy a new truck lol

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