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  • whiteshirt1 whiteshirt1 Jul 13, 2002 3:30 PM Flag

    MTW profits from 9/11

    Citing a slow down in sales as a result of 9/11, a MTW subsidiary layed-off 20-25 workers. At first the employees were told that it was a temporary thing. Then after about 2 1/2 months they each recieved a letter from the company saying that they were being permanently let go & that if they wanted to work for the company again, they would have to go through the employment service.
    Sales picked back up in December close to 90 days after the lay-off. Without having reapplied, the laid off (now terminated)began recieving phone calls asking them to come back to work. The local job market was as it is still today suffering from the weak economy. Some of these people had been with the company for almost 5 years. After being asked to come back to work many had no choice but to do just that. If they wouldn't have, the ruthless personell department would have notified the state which would have resulted in a loss of their unemployment compensation.
    After reporting back to work, they started back on the same jobs that they were doing prior to 9/11. The only difference was that they had to start out at base starting pay, 0 vacation days, & 0 seniority.
    Congradulations on the cost down at the expense of the people that the "book" says Mr. West valued most.... MTW employees. Ethics.... Integrity.... Morals...... NOWHERE TO BE FOUND
    Congradulations on finding a way for the company to profit from 9/11~~

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    • If I remember right,when a person is layed off, they don't have to take a job @ less than the job they were layed off from.. I believe the state calls that Degrading ones self-esteem..
      The layed off employee can continue collecting unemployement benefits until HE/SHE elects to return to the work force below their "layed off" benefits

      But if they turn down a job offer at or above their "layed off" bemefits, THAN they would loose their unemployement benefits...

      Am I right Tom ???

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