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  • kentstate70 kentstate70 Oct 14, 2002 7:13 PM Flag

    Dividend -- Hey Burger any comments?

    28 cents -- Yes 28 cents for the whole year!!!Let's see, now we have further knowledge as to why Terry sold. This is unbelievable. I thought he told us that cash flow was good. I guess he meant it was good flowing into his pocket. All the parts of the puzzle are coming together. First, Terry sells his shares while he tells us everything in okay. Then projected earnings are gradually lowered. Then he tell us that the the crane business will not be good until well into 2003. The stock price falls off a cliff. Then, he gives us 28 CENTS for a 14 month dividend. This is our leader? The one who was going to lead us to the promised land? The only good news is that some small brokerage firm recommended MTW today. Must mean they already have bought their shares.

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    • in reading your past posts you're hardly the one to be juding as to what & who is rude, stupid & vulgar. you more then qualify for those, along with insulting & paranoid.clean up your own messed up act before attempting others.Cheers

    • ACTSTOCKS: You can call me paranoid if you'd like, but I guess I'd rather be 'paranoid' than rude, vulgar and stupid!

    • counterweights geta grip, your paranoia is getting the best of you.....

    • Cute Picture!

    • Well, no, you weren't clear. And you're still not. You make no point at all.

    • I wasn't clear.

      I wasn't implying that telling the truth is all it takes to be God, but rather how someone who has to follow what he says with "These are the facts. That is the truth" must feel pretty high and mighty.

      And yes, I have read your past posts and I still call you a Griwcock cheerleader. You are just too bright and cheery about him and the company. Do you really know what is going on at this company? I suspect that you know VERY well what is going on, but that is because I think that you are an employee of the corporate HQ. The only thing that makes me think otherwise is that it would be extremely stupid of the company to plant people on this board to put out the "party line", but I wouldn't put it past the current management.

      Now, we do agree that this board has hit an all time low. Finally some common ground between us.

      Have a good day.

    • Just finished listening to the call. On the whole they did okay. The questions seemed to center around financial stability, future growth and the percentage of earnings which are derived from the crane operations. At the end of the call my feelings were as follows. Very sound financially. Just not sure when the crane business will pick up again and that the weakness in July pretty much caught them by suprise. Earnings for 2003 are uncertain and hope to have a better handle on them by the end of the year. However, at this point they see earnings to be flat for 2003. I think it was JP Morgan who basically asked what happened in July. This is where management was a little confusing. I am not sure if they said that orders were cancelled or just postponed -- perhaps they are not sure themselves. Anyway, did any one else listen and what are your thoughts? And Stokk, at this point MTW is definitely going to have to be viewed as a looooooong term hold.

    • You say I think I'm God because I know what I say is true before I say it? Pardon me, but your suggestion that truth-telling is all it takes to be God may offend the man upstairs. (And please excuse my reference to our creator as a man, but I believe that to be true as well.)

      As for my supposed consistent insistence on being a cheerleader for Growcock, why don't you take a second to read my posts -- all of them -- before you judge me! I have never advocated giving him a pass if there is any real reason to believe he is guilty of wrongdoing.

      You know, this board used to be an interesting place to check out, with good comments and healthy debate. But with people like financefacts, burger and counterweights lobbing personal insults and challenging other posters to fist fights, I'm afraid it has become pointless. Hopefully, things will come back around.

    • Burgers,

      Of all people you shouldn't be criticizing someone on their spelling!

    • Stockpick states: "Those are the facts. That is the truth."

      I used to believe that stockpick was an insider. Unfortunately, stockpick appears to think he is God! Or at least Moses.

      Can anyone explain for me why he is so insistent (and consistent) on being a cheerleader for Terry Growcock?

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