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  • marinettemarine marinettemarine Jan 11, 2003 3:42 PM Flag

    Manitowoc slashes 1000+ workers jobs

    Manitowoc offered a very unreasonable contract to their union workers at Marinette Marine Corp this week. Today over 1000 employees went on strike. The contract allowed Manitowoc to lay off workers weekly if they thought they would not be needed that week. Manitowoc may loose millions of dollars over this due to the fact that currently Marinette Marine Corp is in contract to build 3 new ships for Staten Island and are under a NO strike contract. The ships are currently partially built. The strike went into force today at 11:00 am central time 1-11-03. This shows that Manitowoc likely plans to close their Marinette shipbuilding opperation. I for one lost much faith in Maintowoc Corp. after learning all the facts in over this case. I will be selling my 1200 shares of Manitowoc on Monday. If you want to get out before national news picks up on the Marinette story, you may want to get out also.

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    • You do now burgersboat, we are doing a show here kinda like THIS IS YOUR FBI, and since you are a poster you work with us.

    • ROTFLMFAO (Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Fucking Ass Off),,,,I'm as far away from being an FBI agent as u are of getting your "Paved" roads !!!!
      Why don't u start your paving projects to all the land fills. That way u wouldn't get stuck on the way to dump all your "Strange" ideas ????

    • fuck all you need is a paved road.

    • burgerboat is an fbi agent.

      buger boat we are getting rid of taxes cept what you need for police , fire, and our new sorts of schools, and we are bringing paving roads to the fed level. We are getting rid of most gov depts. We will try to do this slowly and as painlessly as possible, we are doing this in canada and europe too. There shall be a whole slew of new laws, we will give politicians a retirement package.

    • Well I worked in a ship/yacht yard for 17 years. In fact I probably was conceived there too.
      @ Burgers I had the privilege of working with one senority list & 3 Unions (the Boilermakers,the carpenters & the painters).
      One senority list, can u imagine that ???? So when it came time for lay-offs,,the union/s wanted the company to follow the senority list.

      So Mr. Burger had to lay off people that were needed to get to the ones that weren't.. Kinda of dumb !!!!
      Eventually a light went on in the "unions" head (& pressure from the men) to change that system.
      The company got what it wanted,,A senority list for each Trade.

      Here's how they (the company) got it. They wanted to lay off some painters,,,but those painters had more senority than some of the welders (boilermakers union), so the welders went, (to get to the painters).
      Well there are many trades in the boilermakers union,(plumbers,tin knockers,pipe fitters,electricians,material handles,stockroom).
      If the union wanted to follow the senority list for lay-offs, they got it!!!. With the welders laid off, & following the senority list, Henry took the next "Boilermaker" on the senority list (say a plumber) & had him weld.
      Of couse he couldn't & here came the "warning slips",,, That's what the union wanted,,,until that plumber complained & the union too..

      Needless to say the "senority list" was changed !!!

      Now Burgers has no union/s & the men do multiple trades. A painter may do some electrical work,,or a carpenter may do some painting or a welder may help a carpenter.

      Like I said b4,,the goal is to produce the "Best" product @ the least expensive price. And if that's the way to do it,,Than that's it.

      The day of the union is coming to an end.
      If a company has a union,, they deserved it.
      But with the economy as it is today,Any one that strikes over "stupid ideas" deseves to "walk"!!!
      If they have to pay $10.00 a week extra to get health insurance, tough shit, at least they have health insurance. There are many out there that would be willing to pay $200.00 a week just to get it. $200.00/week = about 10 mins. in an emergency room.

    • Notice little nutties that he used the WORD Time quite a bit , if you go check that GM message.

      Spring TIME
      Ring TIME
      Wing TIME
      Sting TIME
      Sing TIME

    • What's wrong with laying off people that are not needed ???

      Here let's look @ it this way. Ok, you have " Joe Blow" who's a painter,,but there's no work 4 painters. We can keep him & use him to wash the bath rooms prior 2 painting. Oh wait that's a different union (painters vs. Boilermakers)... Boilermakers wash the walls,, painters, paint them.
      Ole' Joe sits around waiting 4 the walls to be washed. Two days go by & "Joe" sits around (getting paid to play sheeps head)!!
      Ok the walls r ready & off Joe goes. oops, "Joe" runs into some cracks that need some repair.. "Joe" can't do it ,,that's Carpentry work (different union),, "Joe" sits for another 2 days waiting 4 the spackle to dry (who's deal)... Now "joe" can paint!!!! but wait,,there's a leaky pipe,, damn another Union & another 2 days "down" time.

      U see the company could of layed "joe" off 4 a week instead of paying him $15.00/hr. x 40 hours or $ 600.00 for playing sheeps head...
      Now take that times 40 "other painters (that there's No work for or $ 24,000.00 / week !!!!

      I hope "joe" is playing $ 1.00,$2.00,$ 3.00 @ the rate he's getting paid, he can afford to loose once in a while

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      • No Responses ????

        Ok let's do this,,, The Union doesn't want "Joe Blow" laid off,,,that's fine.

        We tell "Joe" to go paint the bath room,,,he paints it without the "prep work" needed & the job turns out like shit. We give him a Warning slip for poor workmenship. We than give "Joe another painting job (what ever it may be) & that job looks crappy also... 2nd warning slip given & 3 days off.
        When Joe comes back,,we give him another Painting "type" job (but something Joe has never done,yet Joe is a journeyman & he's getting paid 4 it)and he "blows" that job.
        Now joe gets 5 days off.
        Finally Joe comes back & we put him on another job that he should be qualified 4 but is not..


        Is "THAT" what u guys want ????? U want "Joe to get fired ????

        Let Joe take the lay off. He'll have a job when they call him back.. But NOT if he's fired

      • T, I'M E.

    • and someone is wrong.

      Suppose the are zillions of people.

      Suppose some are right and some are wrong.

      A law any law may through away someone right.

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