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  • burgersboat burgersboat Mar 19, 2003 8:05 PM Flag

    Phantom messages? or Worse?

    I just got back from a "long" Vacation in Florida (5 weeks)!!!
    I'm not goimg to read all the 350 posts that i've missed,because most of them are from the usual "air-heads" that don't give a F_ _ K about this board. They just post to C their post in print.

    While traveling to & from Florida, I had the oppertunity to stay in many "rest stops" (going & comming) I've Never seen so many "semi's" (18 wheelers) in the Rest areas & on the road.. These units were hauling LOTS of stuff... If our economy is that bad,,what were the semi's hauling???? (air) ??? ,,,I dought it..

    In florida (Gulf side mostly) there was "alot" of building (highways & buildings)..Lots of cranes,,but Not many MTW's. The ones I did see were older models. Also,,,on the way down & back,,,lots of hi-way work,,,but again not many mtw cranes... I did see many "link-belts" !!

    How's the strike doing ???

    Has "our" board (snickering) given the company officers a raise ??? If so,,, time to "dump" the board. They don't have our (stockholders) best interests in mind. It'll be hard to dump them when they all think alike & they count the ballots & only tell us the results they want us 2 hear....

    Terry / Tom, I really don't care if u cancel our sevices because of my comments !!!! That's your decisions !!!

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