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  • pick_on_mee pick_on_mee May 10, 2003 12:07 PM Flag

    If you


    move to sj to work you will be sane, so long as you work and live here, if you open a business that counts too so long as you live here, you can retire here if you own a biz here.

    It is a horrid place, but may get cleaned up if more businesses and people move here. All the roads here look like they haven't been paved for 100 years. But again, if more people move here or set up businesses here the municiple gov will afford to pave.

    SJ includes rothesay and quispamsis, this is where all the nice houses are.

    This is all I have to say. SJ is the only sane place in the world. It is your only hope to be sane to move here.

    I have to go now, am forced to leave these boards, poss forever. We have received not one dime in settlements, and my co acm went bk. I must go work somewhere now, cannot at the present time afford even a hair cut.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • bye bye. If yahoo is delisted get out more.

    • musthavemoremargarine musthavemoremargarine May 12, 2003 11:24 PM Flag


    • you must have been drunk, lily lake is in sj but not at rockwood prk, r park has another lake, lily lake is further east, but not on dewel's lake, dewel's lake is treadwell lake or something.

    • and the shares are going to get alot cheaper as investors lock their money away and swallow the key

      here's what one fed governer said,"...We were at one time in a restraining mode, making it unprofitable for central banks to own gold." We can hold the price of gold very easily; all we have to do is to cause the opportunity cost in terms of interest rates and US Treasury bills to make it unprofitable to own gold."

      "We have low interest rates that causes the saver out there to say he and his wife have been had. And I understand how they've been had. We're in a period in which we're going to increase income taxes."

      There you have it....the unsustainable game and the lowering of the dollar's value. World events are leaning toward a selloff of dollars and a move into euros. With the decrease in value of the dollar....we have ignited gold's rocket into the stratosphere where it will orbit for a nice Leonardo Fibonacci number of 5 years.

      nice chatting, time to sleep.

    • We are VERY isolated here. Nearest city to us is 2 hours to moncton and 1 1/2 to fredericton by car. And they are small cities too.

      The nearest big city in Canada to us is Halifax which is a 4 1/2 hour drive. pop 350k now I think with surrounding areas. All small, no torontos around here.

    • kc irving used to be THE richest man in canada and in the top 20 of the world, back 20 years ago. He kept cheap house on sj north end. West end and rothesay is much better. Rothesay is very rich, people from all over the world hide out there.

    • I am 25 min from south end saint john, by car. I am 5 min from rothesay because I live in the woods by the big highway.

      I am 30 min from rockwood park. Rockwood park on the north end of sj is 10 min from south end.

    • Yes the south end of sj is worse than the bronx, much worse even than east sj. sj south end is worst in north america. The WORST in North America, 500x worse than halifax's poor area.

    • passetyme_of_pleasure passetyme_of_pleasure May 11, 2003 11:09 PM Flag

      Well they will know we have expanded this noninsanity to fredericton(where there is an even bigger university) when every sj and surrounding area road is paved to shining perfection, and good low income housing is built on the ugly south end of downtown.

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