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  • burgersboat burgersboat Jan 8, 2004 7:17 PM Flag

    I think a reply is in order-MTW

    Ok this is in reponse to all U "morons" that have been posting on here lately.

    Let's see, (Don McLain),,, Ok idiots don't read into that song what isn't there.
    Don McLain was on Jay Leno last Summer & Jay asked him what is the meaning to the lyrics of American Pie. McLains' reply was "There is no meaning" He said that the producer of that song just put a bunch of words to the lyrics & that is what came out.

    So if U "Morons" are reading something into it,, Your Dumber than a box of rocks!!!

    Next thing, You mentioned that Portland is a dz. Well guys/girls (I would of said "Ladies & Gentlemen" but you don't deserve that status), U didn't mention what state your refering to as there are different "Portlands" in different states. So get your facts right. Another thing, A great philospher once said, "It is important to engage your mind before putting your mouth in gear". I believe he was saying that you should think before you speak, that way people won't find out you are a "True" idiot.

    Now, "5 billion plus dead", since when ?? the beginning of time ?? if it's lately, You sure as hell aren't referring to people. "You" must be referring to "your own" brain cells!!

    Next "you" say we/someone should rename the money ??? Why would that be done??? the USA is or soon will be a d.z., what's the point of having money.

    You guys / girls are the "True Dead Zone". How would you like people that think & play like U guys do, run the world ???
    You have absolutely no concept of what your actions have done to this room & I don't think you care.You put the fear of God into the minds of people & don't give a Rats Ass.

    Well I'll tell you one thing, This "Game" you've been playing has only one ending and you'll will find that ending not desirable !!
    Read the 10 Commandments, You know those things God (not Jesus) gave to Moses.
    How many of your "Games" have broken them ???

    If this world is comming to an end ? So be it. But it won't because of YOUR action. And who cares, I/We can't stop it.

    All I can say is that while we are all visiting here on earth, You better keep your "Nose Clean" because death is a very long time and by your actions, Hell can get awfully hot !!!

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    • Berger, Your post is right on target. Unfortunately, your post will have no effect as far as getting them to stop their threatening posts.

      To any one who is interested in an effort to stop these threatening posts may I suggest you contact your service porvider.

      When you do contact your service provider please be clear in pointing out that these poster(s) are making direct threats to kill people which include the President of the USA, as well as foreign leaders. This is obviously a serious matter. These posters may think they are having a great time "teasing" us or that their are no consequesnces to their actions -- they are wrong on both counts.

      I urge everyone to take the aforementioned steps. Be specific when naming the posters. I can assure you that they will be contacted.

      Another poster on this board said we were at War -- this is the war. You choose to sit on the side line or become involved.

      Think about what these posters are doing. They are threatening to kill you. Whether they are mentally unstable and this is why they continue their threats in not an issue. The issue is and always will be good vs. evil. And contrary to what they may think they are indeed evil.

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