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  • bobbobwhite bobbobwhite Jul 21, 2009 2:25 PM Flag

    If I were under 30,

    I would sock away equal dollar amounts of dry/wet shippers, coal, oil, natural gas, then mining, manufacturing and construction equipment, then maybe a home builder like TOL, and a gamer like LVS for fun, and hold them for 35 years or until the very top of their biggest up cycle that comes before one's retirement date. You don't even have to look at your statements. And, forget ones like Apple and RIMM, etc. for this purpose.

    One who does this will surely be a very rich person at that time. Maybe with other stocks you might be too, but these are still low enough now to be giant winners when they turn, and they will. Check their historical charts.

    Many other stocks now are already well overbought and are bad buys going forward, but not these. Wish I was 30 again.

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    • you are 58 yo I don't have that window either...but the youngsters do, and instead of buying foolish things 20% should be socked away into this market. Nobama only has a couple years left to try to destroy us. After novemeber elections, he will be a lame duck president.

    • I never would have married, no kids, would have gone to Tahiti forever. As for the stock market, I would have said @ 50 whats that, in French of course.

    • Hello Bobby.. Good Comments!

      I would not put MTW in the same group as GM, etc. There is not even a comparison. Do you know anything about the core businesses that MTW has and that you have to manage the business through the downturn and be prepared as these end markets will surely turn up. It may take, a few years, but I fully expect MTW to be back in the mid 20's, with the DJA being back in the low teens in the 2-3 year range!

      I would not expect MTW to pay off any of the debt through-out this year, but would think we would see 10%-20% of the debt to be paid off in 2010 as a debt reduction goal. That is a far cry from the 1 Billion goal that Glenn target for this year, given the Globally Economic Crisis that's off the table for now.

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      • with tax increases coming next year i expect a rebound in construction activity on federal level,and resume building bridges and roads that are on hold now. considering our companys presence worldwide i expect a serious recovery before 2011.the very recent selling of these shares were irrational.i am holding and accumulating n as much as i am able to,my major holdings are mtw and lvs. good luck to all the longs.

    • dlwith Jul 21, 2009 10:52 PM Flag

      what are you smokin man? Have you ever heard of GM,GE- you probably would have said the same thing re these stocks too. You can't buy and hold anymore so good luck Warren

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