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  • ketchtiki ketchtiki Aug 14, 2009 8:00 PM Flag

    See no reason to invest in MTW

    Call reveals "several quarters" to crane recovery. Heavy debt on the books. Cranes are the major part of the biz. China talked up as hopeful for cranes but China conditions not so rosy either. Cranes are not hamburgers and level of hoped for recovery may not sustain this company. Giant ticket items will probably be the last things to improve. This is obviously a gamblers buy as it would not take much to hit the price hard.

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    • The problem isn't MTW, the problem is the economy. The consumer sentiment numbers just told the story, consumers are tapped out and they're loosing jobs. Foreclosures are increasing and commercial real estate is just beginning a swan dive.

      It's not time to buy anything, soon it will be time to own SH.

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      • Infrastructure repair is not a gov't prority now as "social projects" are getting all the attention. And, previously it was war. What about real American problems?

        Scary program recently on cable TV about our collapsing national infrastructure and how unconcerned our public officials are about spending the necessary money on it to avert obvious coming disasters. We now have, in this country, more money spent on ridiculous and worthless gov't BS such as innumerable politician's "fact finding"(free, fun world travel at taxpayer's expense) trips around the world than is being spent on repairing our critically damaged national infrastructure. Gov't response..."we do what we think is most important". Sure it does, like only "showing" concern after many people are killed, as with that bridge collapse in Minnesota. And, all it really cares about then is publicity damage control.

        Thus, don't expect any great things in this area to be done by our gov't to lift MTW and its industry during Obama's tenure. Only a recovering economy will help with that.

    • Blah blah blah. You posted the same crap when MTW was in the $5's.


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