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  • minnesotafarmcountry minnesotafarmcountry Nov 2, 2009 4:28 PM Flag

    More merger and acquisition news tonight

    Stanley Works buys Black and Decker!

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    • I thought this was going to be an announcement of a Favre for Aaron Rodgers trade...

      The Stanley/BD deal isn't really impressive. It's all stock, and sounds like more of a merger. Cash deals would be good for the overall market.

      In any case, there's like zero chance that someone will buy MTW.

    • Here's the news...Manitowac closes Freeland facility...which produces Garland brand ovens, and clamshell grills for McDonalds, Ovens for Tim Hortans, Grills for Sonic...Once again the money maker get's sacrificed to help other struggling companies....

    • I'm pretty sure divie was making reference to a point that shouldbe obvious to anyone by now: In voting for "change" in last year's election, we have succeded in fundamentally changing America. Unfortunatly, however, it is dramatically for the worse. Nothing that Obama has done has worked. The NEW debt is staggering. The stimulus has stimulated nothing. The health care legislation and cap and trade would be economic disasters.

      The unfathomable (and frankly, for the Democrats, ignored) costs of Obama's "change"s will necessarily have one of two outcomes: (1) the government will be unable to cut enough spending to service its wildly expanding debt, thereby causing a first-ever default on U.S. notes, or (2) we will experience MASSIVE tax increases in order to service this debt. There is simply no other way out. Although Bush was no deficit hawk, he would never have allowed such expansive, intrusive, and unfunded government growth as we are seeing now.

      Well, Obama promised "change". And here we are....

    • 1) I'm not Dave Wrench, stop referring to me as that person. A person such as he wouldn't waste time smurfing message boards.

      2) Again, your emotional rant is about moving everything to the plant in Canada, maybe they will, maybe they won't, at any rate, the decisions apparently have been made. My point is you seem to believe that the Freeland facility is the golden goose, it's not, your ass has been handed to you every year by plants without a union. Ouch!! that has to hurt.

      3) I have to assume your talking about McCullough who "left Enodis in debt". mmmm he purchased Scottsman ice and paid off the debt in 3 years free and clear. And he hasn't retired.

      4) Your reference to Freeland being the "money maker" of the company is highly subjective, have you seen books for the other companies?
      5) If you know so much about the goings on, you would know that it was NOT spelled "Welbuilt", but "Welbilt", a company started by Richard Hersch, corporate HQ in New Hyde Park NY. What other information have you posted that might be wrong?

      Good Day and good luck, I have proved my point with facts, forget the beer, enjoy your crow.

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      Actually Mr. Wrench you should know that the plant is only 10 minutes from I80&I81m so your "in the middle of nowhere? How many times have you been there? comment doesn't match reality! Also is it really such a huge assumption to think some of the product will be heading to Toronto? According to what I am hearing it is! What a mistake! The plant here IS unionized, yes, it's been since 1974. And also the most efficient and productive plant in your food service organization! This is past people loosing jobs, THIS JUST DON'T MAKE SENSE! Higher pay rates in Canada, UNION SHOP in Canada, poor performace in Canada! Building NOT OWNED in Canada. Import and Export tax in Canada. Oh, wait, U Work in Canada, the president of the Garland Group works in Canada...Feed Manitowoc more of your BS. It's different when a team goes down because they failed! But when they go down winners it JUST DON'T ADD UP! Maybe if you didn't sell the other building the winners wouldn't be in this situation. If you didn't move the range line to your facility winners wouldn't be in this situation. (The ranges that went from a 5 day 2 shift operation in Freeland, to a 3 day operation in Canada) A little to pricey for the competition making them up in Canada then shipping them to Freeland to distribute in the USA? Oh, that's if you can get them to Freeland on time! Best interest of Manitowoc or best interest of the 3 Kings in Canada that don't want to be inconvenienced! Just like the last one that retired GARBAGE! Left Enodis in debt, Manitowoc is about to be led down the same dark alley listening to your team! Remember Garland Freeland used to be Welbuilt CORPORATE! You guys took over and did nothing but rob the money maker! A 30 YEARS BEHIND THE TIMES OPERATION THAT OUT PRODUCES YOUR FACILITY! Invest some money into a place that's bought and paid for and that's a PROVEN WINNER! Not a leased building out of the USA that can't even produce on a 3 day a week work load! I can't believe MCDONALS of all corporations would allow thier produtcs to be produced outside the country!

    • blah blah blah what a boring fuuuucking loser you are!

    • "Good morning Mr. Wrench, former CFO of Enodis. I am slightly confused about your comments on Frymaster. I am certain that the "LUV" deal almost bit the dust because of problems in the field, NOT PILOT RUNS. Mr. Wrench, this is not just "BS'n AT THE BAR"."

      Yes you are very much confused;

      - It's not "LUV", it is "LOV" (Low Oil Volume)
      LUV was a P.O.S. mini truck the GM tried to sell in the 70's.
      The LOV is a new technology that many fryer companies are chasing, there are several releases by Frymaster and other companies (Henny Penny). They all have had issues, some worse than others. Frymasters problems were mainly caused by a company called Restaurant Technologies Inc, whose design on a 3 way valve was causing the pump in the Frymaster fryer to fail. The sediment was causing the valve to jam. Frymasters answer was to design their own valve system into the fryer (one that does not get clogged) so now the RTI systems plugs hoses directly into the rear of the fryers, without the badly designed RTI 3 way valve.
      -McDonalds was prepared for bumps in the road, the breakdown was that RTI refused to fix the problem, so Frymaster fixed it for them. The new LOV's are shipping now, and the WSJ just reported that McDonalds will be expanding with new store AND refurbishing 2000 old stores (this means new equipment, and it will be Frymaster LOV fryers, Garland Grills, Delfield smoothie machines)

      - The plant in Freeland is frankly in the middle of nowhere, the infastructure in the area and the plant itself is 30 years behind the times. Plus it's unionized, not good.
      You assume that it the products made in Freeland are moving to Toronto? You are making a huge assumption here.

      - I've challenged you with facts, not emotional babbling. So belly up and buy me a beer. You attacked the other companies because yours is being closed, a natural reaction I guess, but your previous post was not factual, (imagine that? on a message board?)

      Again, I'm sorry to hear about the plant closing, mainly for the employees, this economy is hurting everyone. No one wants to see anyone lose their jobs, period.

    • Have you heard the latest buzz in Washington?

      Apparently about $300 billion of the stimulus has not been spent yet. Everyone is scrambling to try and spend as much as they can. I've got a pretty crazy idea, how about they don't spend it and give it back to the taxpayers. It's pretty clear that we are pulling out of this recession. It may not be fast but things are starting to pick up.

    • "Frymaster, a Louisiana based company of Manitowoc's food service group came within inches of loosing their contract with MCDONALDS because of their lack of consistency and quality."
      This is not true, do you have facts to back this statement up or is this buddies bullshitting down at the bar?

      Frymaster has been selling quality equipment to McDonalds since the early 80's. Never has there been a threat by McDonalds to "pull the contract" from Frymaster for for "consistancy or quality" issues.

      This is a very close relationship, so close that McDonalds comes to Frymaster to ask them to develop a certain products (non-fryer and fryer)that no other company is willing or capable of developing and producing. Any issues Frymaster has ever had with a product at McDonalds have all been pilot programs and prototype equipment that McDonalds has asked Frymaster to develop. (UHC, HLZ,LOV)

      I understand you may be upset about the Freeland facility closing, and I agree Garland Canada has had issues, but to start trashing the rest of the companies in the foodservice division with half truths is childish.

      Grill will be moved, and I have no doubt that wherever it is moved too, it will continue the be successful because the other companies are no slouches. Thanks to the hard work by the people in Freeland, McDonalds will still continue to purchase good equipment, only from another factory.

      I'm sorry to hear about the people at Freeland.

    • No it is not the change he suggested. Get your facts straight! So do you live in a cave?

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