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  • rdietsche34 rdietsche34 Sep 13, 2010 2:17 PM Flag

    November can't get here soon enough!!!

    I guess you are suggesting that our Government provide for more "trickle up." Where were you when George W. Bush tripled the National debt? Where were you when the TARP legislation was passed by the Republicans and signed into law by GWB? I guess debt made by a Republican Administration is great. Like on poster stated, define the problem and then determine solutions. You, like most Repubs. have no solutionos only more of the same.

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    • Reich, take you head out of your rear end.

      If you took a little time to read, you would see that the Republicans have provided numerous, time-tested solutions. I have identified many of them in my posts. But they have been ignored for two years, and look at what we have: no growth, unemployment near 10%, annual budget deficits more than 4-times greater than Bush's worst deficit year, a health care bill that the vast majority did not want and that will cost trillions, and a plan to dramatically increase taxes.

      It is you, Reich, who offer no solutions. Nada. You are a knee-jerk liberal.

      By the way, where was I when Bush went on a spending tear and pushed the TARP bill through? I was right here, screaming "NOOO!" Bush became a virtual Democrat in his last year. The enire Republican party seemed to lose its way a bit. The current crop of Republican candidates, however, are singing a different tune: reduce taxes and stop the rampant spending. We have seen over and over -- starting with your own JFK -- this always stimulates lasting growth AND increases government revenue. It's not rocket science.

      The problem Democrats have with it is that the growth spurned by tax cuts is created by productive hardwarking people, and the Democrat base doesn't like that. They walk around with their hands out. So Obama, Reid, Pelosi have to serve their base. It's crystal clear.

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