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  • burgersboat burgersboat Oct 21, 2010 10:18 AM Flag

    Speaking of Dividends !!

    Time is getting close to the B of D coming up with an announcement if there will be a dividend for this last year and how much it will be.
    Now, alot of you "Newbies" to this stock, (ones that just got in), in the last few months don't think the $.02/share is much to waste your time about, but for the rest of us who have held this stock during the last 10 or so splits, the $.02/share may be meaningfull.

    Being retired,the little bit I get from the dividends help to fill in the gaps of my budget.
    Going a year with these gaps still open, I've altered my way of life.
    No more hitting the casinos, going out to breakfast as often or the movies. Turning down the thermostate a little lower.
    Things I used to take for granted. Even our loose change jar isn't filling up as fast.

    I only hope that while we "long term" MTW investors have sat by the wayside waiting for the board to make up it's mind. The officers of the company haven't been given pay raises.

    I personally have trouble reading my insurance policy,, so reading the yearly MTW finnancial (60 page) booklet is out of the question. You know the one,,it tells us what the officers are getting paid (salaries + merit pay + bonuses + stock options + board member pay + committee pay). I'll leave that up to you guys that understand it.

    For those of you that have kept your yearly "finnancial booklet", can you look back and see if the officer have gotten any pay increases & all the perks ??

    It would be interesting for "we long timers" to see whose getting what & how much they're getting.

    Just remember:: "Go Packers"

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    • Well there you go, retroactive 4 quarters.

      Looks like after-hours the 8 cent dividend is being bought for 12 cents.

      In any case it's a good gesture and makes a statement about the health of cashflow.

    • Always GO PACKERS!

      Burger...You live in the area..I'm interested in your thoughts about Orion Energy..Good? They look good to me...

      • 1 Reply to gawdsmajudgel2
      • "Judge"
        I don't think I'm going to be any help to you on Orion Energy Systems.
        After reading your posts, I think you know more about Orion than most people here in town,including me.
        After looking through their balance sheet, cash flow, institutional owners, sales, insider trades, etc... I think they're a little over extrened. Kinda like MTW LOL.
        What they do have going for them is that they're an energy conserving company and with all these "tree huggers" & "Obummer" pushing energy conservancy, they may have an edge and they are presently cheap.
        They do point out that they have all kinds of patents, but if they can't sell their "patented products" what's the point of so many patents?
        I don't think the general public (even the tree huggers) are quite ready to embrace this "go green" thing as fast as Orion would like.

        A month or so ago there was a "letter to the editor" in the Herald Times from a guy who was complaining about the cost of recycling the new energy savings flourescent light bulbs. He said that not only did he have to pay a little more for the bulb, now he has to pay to recycle it.
        Before "Obummer" mandated replacing the incandescent light bulbs with flourescent bulbs, there wasn't any charge to recycle flourescent tubes. The guy said there were alot of ditches between his house and the recycling center, (to throw the bulbs in).

        So, I guess the ball is back in your court.

        I'm getting ready to dump about 10% of my MTW shares. I'm just waiting to hear what excusses Glen will come up with.
        If I have a few extra bucks (after reinvesting the bulk of my stock sale),I may buy a few thousand shares of Orion. What the heck we're only talking a few bucks. If Orion doesn't survive the next recession coming next year, I won't be out that much money.

        For you "Old Timers" get ready for MTW to start going up. You know my track record on selling some MTW shares.
        For those of you who don't. "Every time" I sell some shares of MTW the share price goes up. That's a fact jack.

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