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  • burgersboat burgersboat Nov 5, 2010 11:26 AM Flag

    Psssst.....don't tell anybody that I told...

    " Larmisk "
    My crystal ball is broken, so can you tell us when a stock is at it's low & when it's at it's high??

    The way MTW has been going, you'd be "Tossing a coin" just like the rest of us do.

    The last 3 "analyst" articles said MTW was going to tank and it didn't.
    You "chart" this stock(but with so many variables), you'd guess wrong again.

    Tell us when to buy & when to sell. Put it in print. Than when it does the opposite we can come back to you and say WTF.

    If we (the world) weren't in a depression, there weren't any terrorism going on, the government wasn't trying to take over company's, than maybe & I say maybe, one could "guess" what a stock is going to do, but there are too many variables.

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    • burgerboat,

      NO ONE can tell you when there is a bottom or top. It ultimately comes down to a "feel" garnered over many years of exposure to the markets. "Buying Low" is extremely hard to do, since all the news is negative, However, in this case, MTW makes machines for the restaurant business (.g. McDonald's, etc) which has been a profitable venue for them. The crane business will return as roads, bridges, etc. will be rebuilt en masse over the next ten years.
      You say you are 63. Fine, then you will remember the early 80's when interest rates were sky high. Mortgages were at 18% and Prime Rate was at 21.5% and Dr. Henry Kauffman (aka Dr. Doom) was on TV proclaiming that we would never see single digit interest rates in our lifetimes again. Do you remember that that was the start of one of the greatest Bull Markets we have experienced.

      Take advantage of the current times. Learn from history. And, oh, by the way, we are not in a depression. In fact Europe is doing better than we are at the moment. Also the government is NOT taking over business'. Calm down and quit listening to the Negaholics on TV. They are just selling advertising.

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      • "larmisk"

        Yes I remember the 80's. I bought my 2nd house when the prime rate hit 21%.
        As to " Also the government is NOT taking over business's"
        Aw what do you call it when our government owns 61% of GM's equity"??
        Didn't we tax payers give GM $92,000,000,000.00 in bailout money???
        I just heard (on Fox news) that the government is giving GM a 49.5 billion dollar tax credit.
        I wonder if they'll (the government) extend me a small tax credit on the capital gains from the sale of my MTW stocks??

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