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  • AjohnG AjohnG Apr 5, 2011 11:21 AM Flag

    Get Rid of Gov. Walker

    I very much liked the Wisconsin Republican Governor Lee Dreyfus. I liked Barry Goldwater too. Even Reagan had his good points. But I am afraid that Scott Walker is a whole different kind of Republican.

    Even while he refused to talk to those 14 Democratic Senators who scooted to Illinois, he was only too glad to take a 20 minute call from a prank caller pretending to be one of the extremely wealthy Koch brothers who are the real power behind the Tea Party "grass roots" organization.

    Today in the Milwaukee Journal you can read about one of Walkers latest appointments, "Walker administration hires lobbyist's 27-year-old son to $81K a year job, no college degree." This same Walker is now demanding complete power to make an additional 67 state appointments by executive order. He also wants to be able to sell off state assets with a no bid process. Looking at the 27 year old lobbyist son who is now a supervisor, can you really trust Walker to be responsible in his other unchecked activities?

    And at the same time Kent aren't you at all concerned over the huge increases your man Kasich is giving to his aids and staff over what the wages were for similar positions previously? Go ahead and Google "Kasich chief of staff"

    Much of the Wisconsin budget crisis has been used as a Trojan horse to put through policies that are designed to weaken the opposition party rather than strengthen the state of Wisconsin. A voters photo ID bill that doesn't recognize a college students photo ID? couldn't be because they often vote Democratic would it?

    There are a number of small things Walker has done that are simply over the line of what anyone would call fair. Do both parties do it, probably, but Walker has brazenly sunk to a whole new low in such activity. Nothing to be proud of there. You don't have to be a Bob Lafollette progressive to think Wisconsin deserves a higher standard than that.

    Normally in politics you can see the pendulum of political philosophy swing back and forth over time. Walker and his big money buddies are trying to nail the pendulum to the wall while it has swung their way.

    Call me naive but I do believe that true patriots support the freedom and equality of our political system, even when the votes don't always go the way we think they should.

    I really don't see that happening with Walker.

    Although I am a Democrat, I did like Republican Dreyfus a lot. I have many great, very fair minded solidly Republican friends, but I really don't think Walker would be comfortable in that group.

    By the way, Go Manitowoc!

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