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  • jpaulgettytoo jpaulgettytoo Apr 4, 2011 12:08 PM Flag

    Get Rid of Gov. Walker

    I love the censorship on this board. Is this China or the U.S. ? Walker is selling state assets to private individuals, he is stripping workers of bargaining rights. So, is Snyder in Michigan and so is the Gov. of Ohio. My messages (which are left-wing liberal) are erased almost as soon as I put them up. So much for "freedom of speech". MTW is based in WI how does this fascism affect them and its' stockholders?

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    • You are right is it one big conspiracy.... Gov. Walker is destroying unions so they go to madison to protest. While they are in madison they don't pack lunches they eat at fastfood restaurants, directly and indirectly benefiting this stock. Does He own this stock?!

    • Not sure what your messages were that were "erased" but freedom of speech doesn't always apply to private message boards. The owners of the message board (Yahoo) can do as they wish, and if it means they want to delete messages. Now if you want to create your own blog then you can put on it as you wish, but nowhere in the Constitution does it say that you can spray paint a message on my personal property and that I have to leave it because of freedom of speech.
      Go back to school and learn the difference between your constitutional rights and public/private property.

    • What a horrible governor, trying to spend less than what's coming in, that's just horrible!

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      • Even if the teachers and state workers end up paying their share of the retirment and paying a part of their health insurance, there is still a budget deficit. It is interesting that this Governor can give grants to business and then tax the middle to lower income payers.

        Teachers and state workers negotiated having the employer pay their portion of the retirement and health insurance instead of taking that amount in salary increases. Keep in mind, teachers salary increases, including fringes have been capped at 3.2% for years. I didn't see a cap on salary increases for those in the private sector whose salary we pay when we buy goods and services.

    • Gov. Walker is proving education is unnecessary to succeed in Wisconsin politics. He has no college diploma. Thus his economic war on unnecessary educators.

      Unfortunately everybody can't follow that path of dis-education and be governor.

      We also need educated doctors, accountants, business managers, biologists, nuclear physicists, computer programmers, etc. Scott Walker just doesn't get this latter part.

    • Table,--I "caught" your sarcasm .

    • This is kind of an aside but Kent, do you play first person shooters all day while you Hold MTW instead of actually trading anything? I do.

    • I very much liked the Wisconsin Republican Governor Lee Dreyfus. I liked Barry Goldwater too. Even Reagan had his good points. But I am afraid that Scott Walker is a whole different kind of Republican.

      Even while he refused to talk to those 14 Democratic Senators who scooted to Illinois, he was only too glad to take a 20 minute call from a prank caller pretending to be one of the extremely wealthy Koch brothers who are the real power behind the Tea Party "grass roots" organization.

      Today in the Milwaukee Journal you can read about one of Walkers latest appointments, "Walker administration hires lobbyist's 27-year-old son to $81K a year job, no college degree." This same Walker is now demanding complete power to make an additional 67 state appointments by executive order. He also wants to be able to sell off state assets with a no bid process. Looking at the 27 year old lobbyist son who is now a supervisor, can you really trust Walker to be responsible in his other unchecked activities?

      And at the same time Kent aren't you at all concerned over the huge increases your man Kasich is giving to his aids and staff over what the wages were for similar positions previously? Go ahead and Google "Kasich chief of staff"

      Much of the Wisconsin budget crisis has been used as a Trojan horse to put through policies that are designed to weaken the opposition party rather than strengthen the state of Wisconsin. A voters photo ID bill that doesn't recognize a college students photo ID? couldn't be because they often vote Democratic would it?

      There are a number of small things Walker has done that are simply over the line of what anyone would call fair. Do both parties do it, probably, but Walker has brazenly sunk to a whole new low in such activity. Nothing to be proud of there. You don't have to be a Bob Lafollette progressive to think Wisconsin deserves a higher standard than that.

      Normally in politics you can see the pendulum of political philosophy swing back and forth over time. Walker and his big money buddies are trying to nail the pendulum to the wall while it has swung their way.

      Call me naive but I do believe that true patriots support the freedom and equality of our political system, even when the votes don't always go the way we think they should.

      I really don't see that happening with Walker.

      Although I am a Democrat, I did like Republican Dreyfus a lot. I have many great, very fair minded solidly Republican friends, but I really don't think Walker would be comfortable in that group.

      By the way, Go Manitowoc!

    • I live in WI and am overjoyed that we finally have a Governor who is tired of handing over all of the taxpayer money to union workers. Our teachers make VERY GOOD incomes (for only 9 moths of work) and have ridiculous benefit packages. The union thugs are threatening business and our republican senators. The cowardly democratic senators ran away to Illinois to avoid a vote and then cried foul when the republicans stripped out the fiscal part of the bill and passed it. Public sector unions are bullshit but they will still retain all of the rights that are afforded to Federal union employees. The Governor is finally trying to fix the problem: bloated union wages & benefits, without passing on higher taxes to the rest of us. Teachers say "it's all about the kids", which is a load of crap. They are all about protecting their oversized pay/benefit packages. Everyone else has had to sacrifice, it's their time. Put the money into the classroom...not into their pockets. Record numbers of teachers (81 only in Waukesha county) are retiring early, BECAUSE THEY CAN ON THEIR RIDICULOUS PENSIONS. Time to get in line with the rest of the real world and pay something for your cadillac health care and a lousy 5% towards their own pensions. Public union employees are killing this country...get a clue. We have a $3.6 BILLION dollar deficit in WI and we're tired of reckless government spending and criminal unions living high off the backs of taxpayers!

      Screw collective bargaining.....have your worth measured like the private sector does: based on merit!

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      • Listen, we either we start spending less money in state government or we find a way to raise more money. Raising the tax rate may not increase tax revenue as we already are losing more businesses than we are bringing into the state. Furthermore, Wisconsin is normally among the highest tax paying states, even in the top 3 at times. What bothers many of us tax payers is the contempt from the left who feel they deserve more and more of my money. It has to stop! That is why Walker was end this madness. It needs to stop

    • I really wish you WORTHLESS liberals (particularly you government workers) would just go back under your ROCK and stay there. ALL of you are PLENARILY valueless!

    • what's a left wing liberal doing on a stock market board?

      Public employees are overpaid and under worked. They all try to look as busy as possible, but they're never doing anything.

      Cut those bloated pensions. No one needs to be sucking off the tit of the government.

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