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  • rimmdiva rimmdiva Dec 14, 2011 7:48 PM Flag

    I'll short this to ZERO in favor of the Union.

    Manitowoc executives had better wake up and realize that without labor, they have nothing and no chance to survive. Labor is their most valuable asset and they had better start valuing them more than the stock options and raises they grant themselves.

    All but the dumbest republicans are finally getting it.

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    • "Rimm"

      That works both ways.

      The Employees need a place to work also. If the company moves out of Manitowoc, where are these employees going to work then ???

      There are alot more "NON" Union places /workers out there then unionized.

      Hey I got an idea!!!,,, let the Company move out(of town) then have the union & the people @ working @ the MTW company buy the South Works and have them build their own cranes.
      They could call their new Company: " We're/dumber/then/dumb/crane/Co."

    • wow, better go back to bed

    • I agree. The difference between the two groups is that the 1% can buy lobbyists and the others can't. Some people give up caring because they have nothing left no matter how hard they work. Did you ever watch Trading Places? If you give a person a good job and treat him with dignity and respect, odds are good they'll become an asset to society instead of a drain.

    • Rimm, The very same comment can be applied to a variety of individuals/groups. How about some of the people on welfare? How about people in the unions? I think you will find that both groups have, shall we say, a deep rooted history. The wealthy are not the only group who have flaming a**holes and have a sense of entitlement. There in lies the problem. Too many individuals have the belief they are owed everything in life.

    • Sadly, the national debt has already sailed past $14T. It looks like the number stands around $15.1T today, or 100.4% of GDP.
      Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

    • "Rimm"


      Let me see if I got this right !!

      When George Bush was president (8 years) our Nat. debt went up 3 trillon dollars.
      From 6 trillion to 9 trillion.

      Let's see here, Obummer has been in office almost 3 years and our debt is now @ 14 trillion dollars.

      Let's see 14-9 = 5
      5 trillion in 3 years. Hmmm at that rate if Obummer gets re-elected our debt should be about 21 trillion...
      and what can we show for it ???

      Socialized medicine & Socialized car makers, (so far).

      And still dependent on foreign oil.

    • WTF, re-read what I wrote and pretend you have reading comprehension skills when you respond.

    • The few that I know HAVE created jobs and they actually do care about others. You must be hanging out with the wrong people. The ones who feel the most entitled are the ones who have achieved and contributed the least. Basically, it amounts to "you have it and I want it". The under-achievers who cannot hold a job, are too lazy to work, have no drive or are just incompentent are the ones who will vote for Obama because they don't want a hand up, they want a hand out: life-long government subsidy off the backs of the taxpayers.

    • I don't protest the 1%...After all, I married into it:)

      But I can tell you exactly what they are like. I detest half of the family.
      BTW, none of them has created any jobs, but they sure share a sense of entitlement, and guess what? They don't give a sh#t about anyone else.

    • Democrats are less bad for the economy than the GOP. Before Obama took office, we were growing at minus 8.5 GDP and losing millions of jobs.

      Great job, BROWNIE.

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