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  • frochfam Dec 27, 2011 8:37 PM Flag

    union thugs

    These union folks will hopefully all be bounced out the door on their collective butts in the near future. Most union folks are the same, they want to get college education wages even though they were to lazy to get an education. They spend their whole lives doing an unskilled job that anyone could do, and hide behind the union for support, as if that will help them cover up their lack of ever actually learning a skill in life. Wake up, its only a matter of time.

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    • Most union folks are the same, they want to get college education wages even though they were to lazy to get an education

      I am college educated, graduate degree. My husband is an electrician. Now, if you ask me which one of us is more "skilled", I would definitely say he is. If anyone asked me who I would want with me if I were stranded on a deserted island? I, again, would pick him with all of his mechanical abilities and technical imagination...oh, and for a few other reasons, too! ;-) As a former teacher, I think way too much emphasis has been put on kids to attend a traditional college. Many of the kids feel "stupid" because they may not be book smart, but have so many other talents. I taught history/civics and was required to do a vocation/career unit every year for 9th graders. I can still remember how some kids' faces lit up when I reassured them that "college wasn't for everybody"!! We need, as a culture, to start valuing the fact that we need plumbers, car mechanics, electricians and construction workers. Intelligence has many faces!!

    • How about the Milwaukee County Board? They now have to pay 24-28% for their benefits? That wasn't mandated by Walker, though so I guess it's okay, right? The cops & firefighters were exempt from the deal. Learn your facts, idiot!

    • 1 unskilled worker = 100 lawyers or 100 politicians or 100 stock analysts

      1 skilled worker = 1000 lawyers or 1000 politicians or 1000 stock analysts

      I could compare to more but the list would be too long

    • Oh wow, where to start. Speaking as someone with a post high school degree and works out in the field with Union workers you are so out there. Most union workers making the kind of money you are reffering to is because they have specific specialized skills, work on highly technical equipment or dangerous/high risk enviroments. Please don't confuse having a college degree with all college graduates are intelligent. Trust me I would take most the union workers I work with over most college graduates with Communications degrees, business degrees, or education degrees or any other liberal arts degree. The problem is some CEO's have the beleive the same stereotypes that you do and that will eventually in the long run cost their companies profits. By the way what degree did Steve Jobs have? I'm sure with your high IQ you know the answer.

      Oh yeah, and just to really get under your skin, the union workers that I have worked with make between $50,000 and 80,000+ dollars straight time and over $100,000 with overtime. And they are worth every penney because they are the best of the best.

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      • I guess you missed my point. I also know many that don't have a degree but are very successfull. If you ascertained that from what I wrote, you didn't read very carefully. Someone said that teachers don't work very hard. That person I was refering to has no idea how many hours a teacher puts in during a day and a week. I have seen many young people start out in teaching and switch to some other occupation because of the stress and long work hours. I have also seen people that were successful in the private workforce that went into teaching and were total failures. And, by the way I have done my share of physical labor.

    • Like you just did?

    • Thanks to all the teachers, firemen, policemen and other public servants taking over a 17 percent pay cut, Walker may have balanced the budget. No one else took a pay cut or had their taxes raised. Did you see that Walker made grants to business cronies from taxpayer funds?

    • come across as an effette snob. I wonder if you ever got your hands dirty or developed a blister from hard work. Like many posters responded to your ridiculous post, there are many skilled Union workers that have had many years of training and deserved to be paid for their skills that they have obtained through study and on the job experiences.

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      • frochfam Jan 18, 2012 1:32 AM Flag

        if they deserve to be paid for their skills why don't they just leave mtw and get a job from somebody else that will pay them the same wages for their valuable skills? answer:because they can't get those wages in the open market. in a free market place people get paid what the market will bare, but the union knows if it was a free market nobody would pay those wages

      • Come on RD -- stop picking on us poor non union workers --LOL. I mean, there are plenty of us out here who have blisters. I for one, have many from all the repairs I have done on my American union built cars (particularly my chevy and jeep).
        What is the largest union in America? The teachers-- I imagine they have a lot of calluses from the hard labor they do over the summers:)

      • If a union worker develops a blister he isn't doing his job right.

        Rick (I assume that's what R stands for)-
        Nobody cares about what you say about Unions because you defend them tooth and nail while admitting none of their faults. There is a time to create unions and there is a time to squash them.

    • Another point, it's not always that they're too lazy to get a degree. Sometimes people don't come from a family structure that pushes them to get an education past high school. Many times they find themselves in a situation that demands that they work at a young age to help support their family. And sometimes, yes, they are too young and immature to prioritize an education and wind up working in construction or a factory instead of a high-rise office building. It's wrong to assume that "anybody" can do some blue collar jobs. Some jobs are dangerous and require a high degree of skill to master- welding, for instance. Most union apprenticeship programs are 4-6 years long, and top pay is not achieved until the end of that period. That's a comparable amount of time to what most pencil-pushers spend in a classroom. It's really sad to hear elitist white collar types take such a condescending attitude toward ANYBODY that works for a living, when the real problem in our nation is the 50% or so that refuse to work and mooch off everybody else (not talking about the truly disabled or elderly,but we all know that half the people in this country don't fall into that category).

    • "Froch"

      I have to go along with "WJJ".
      I too believe you don't know what you're talking about.

      I'm NOT a union backer by any means, but your comment about the worker being uneducated strikes a sour note.

      I've worked with many union workers and probably 80% knew a hell of a lot more then I did and I went to college.

      The guy that created the "VICON" sure wasn't a college graduate. He was just a uneducated factory worker. An inventor, look what the VICON has done for MTW.

      I think you better rethink that comment

    • I hate plowing ground that has already been gone over time and time again. You haven't a clue of what you are talking about. There are plenty of unions with highly skilled tradesman and unions with many Ph.Ds in them. Unions probably more than any organization are responsible for building a middle class that gets fair wages for the work they do in this country. Oh and yes they sometimes have gotten too greedy to OK?

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