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  • eyes_of_the_world1 eyes_of_the_world1 Aug 10, 2012 2:27 PM Flag

    Changing the tone in Washington? Transparency?

    I thought President Obama was going to change the tone in Washington and run a transparent administration?!?!

    Instead, President Obama is running a campaign absolutely solely focussed on personal attacks, and he has governed with unbelieveable secrecy and resistance to requests for documents and information. I wish he would talk about his plans for the country -- not just taxing the rich, which might be a good thing, but won't solve any of our massive problems. Instead, he is just trying to destroy Romney on issues that don't really have anything to do with the country. How's that changing the tonee in Washington?

    Can anyone really deny that this is NOT the guy we thought he was when we elected him?

    I'm just disgusted, as I am partially to blame.... :-(

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    • Just more Right Wing talking points from Rush and the Heritage Foundation.

    • Piling on additional debt when you can back your current debt is why our debt was downgraded. Obama isn't serious about cutting spending. He wants to continue to shower his base with tax payer money so he can get re-elected. He only cares about himself, not fixing our problems. Pathetic panderer. He passed everything he wanted in his first 2 years, now he cries when Republicans take away his credit card so he can't continue to push us into bankruptcy.

    • He had a plan to get over 700,000 back to work and the House Republicans voted it down. He and his administration have done a very poor job explaining the benefits of the Affordable Health Care plan. If one takes the time to read the bill, there are very good points in the bill. Quite frankly a single payor health plan would have been more cost effective.

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      • Isn't amazing how conveinetly some things are forgotten or swept under the carpet. Republicans want keystone because that would give us 24,000 jobs right now,,,by golly. Yet The President bill for jobs, 700,000 like you mentioned, gets flushed, and swept under the rug. It would have made The IDLE rich (66% of who approved of this) create jobs. (which is why they get those huge tax cuts isn't it? It's what we have been told for over a decade,,,it'll trickel down! The only thing that trickled down was yellow.) GOP could not let this happen solely because it would of been a good thing for the One thing they covet so dearly. The White house.

        What makes me sick is that they will stoop to anything, they would sell their momma if they had to, Just to get back into the White house. What's worse is all of that coveting comes from a relatively small number of lobbiest and individuals who put their interest in from of the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

        Anybody that can't see that has drank too much of the kool-aid being passed out by those that have so much money they use it for toilet paper.

    • Oh, you forgot the war of choice in Iraq that costs us taxpayers $2 billion a week. Was that money well spent? You also forgot the pentagon submitted a budget to cut out unneeded equipment. That was thrown out by the House. What regulations crippled business? That is a lame excuse being tossed around. Maybe you are talking about the banking industry debacle that happened because the repeal of Glas-Steagal bill written by a Republican and signed by Clinton.

    • My wife and I went to the ryan rally this morning--Walsh University(Catholic collge in N. canton, Ohio). There were over 2,000 people--standing room.

      He made it VERY clear what this election is all about--the stark differences between the 2 candidates. He did not attack Obama, rather he clearly defined the differences on how each party plans to resolve our country's problems. For example, he stated that Obama truly believes that in order to get us out of our current economic problem is to increase taxes and provide more government stimulus. Romney, believes we need to reduce spending in all government areas, eliminate tax loopholes. I admit, Ryan was no clear on what these "loopholes" are but at least he is on the right track. That is, focusing on solutions not attacking their opponents. It was refreshing to actually hear some one present a proposal, versus just stating that the other guy is wrong.

      P.S. I kid you not--there were 12-15 protesters yelling keep your hands off our marriage rights. Yep, you guessed it--the sign said gay coalition and another said Obama not your MaMa--what ever that meant.

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      • Kentstate: You are very gullible. Obama has already cut the workers in the public sector saving money. We are out of Iraq but the savings are not yet factored in. This is two examples of savings. Romney's-Ryan's plan to reduce the deficit by only cutting spending and then cutting taxes on top of it will not reduce budget deficits. The top 2 tax rates in the Clinton era need to be reinstalled. This will not cut jobs.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Romney and Ryan are serious about fixing our country for our kids' sake. It's unconscionable the way Obama and the libs are spending us into oblivion. The recklessness and lack of accountability is pathetic! I live in WI, Ryan is the real deal. He's brilliant, honest and focused. He'll get the job done if, God willing, they win and we get a republican Senate.

      • You need a better understanding about what it takes to get this economy rolling again. Then you will have the ability to discern what a politician is proposing will cure a problem.

    • Agreed. Let's talk about our massive debt, getting our AAA credit rating back, balancing our budget, reforming the entitlement programs, closing loopholes and broadening the tax base, shrinking government so it is more efficient, getting unemployment down below the pathetic 8.3% it is at, opening up federal land for drilling & green-lighting the XL Pipeline, passing more photo ID laws so we can actually verify that you are who you say you are and are legally able to vote, etc.....

    • I've seen numerous CEO's interviewed who have said how Obama's policies are bad for business. Why would they hire more employees when they are being over regulated, having Obamacare shoved down their throats and he's threatening to raise their taxes? They want him GONE!

      Obama has been a dismal failure, even he said if he didn't get the economy turned around by this time it should be a one term proposition. Now he continues to whine, cry, blame and divide hoping to keep the job he never deserved in the first place. Pathetic.....

      We don't need the government to extract more taxes, we need them to spend our money more wisely. Look at Solyndra, SunPowwer, Fisker, the massive GSA scandal, etc, etc....makes me sick!

    • Look, debate all you want. However, with the selection of Ryan the differences between the 2 parties will be VERY clear. For the first time in my life the American voter will actually decide which direction our country will take. Sure, it is easy to be sarcastic and state that it will make no difference who is in office--this is the position of those who refuse to take a stance and their lives are based on sarcasm and apathy.
      I encourage everyone to campaign for their candidate of choice. this means, explaining to the public why their candidate offers solutions--hope. Then, the American voter can decide which direction--larger or smaller Federal government. I am tired of hearing about how Romney left his dog on the top of his car or that Obama is a chain smoker.

    • We can correct the mistake in a November! Obama has been a dismal failure on every front. You are correct, he has kept virtually none of his campaign promises and is just another dirty Chicago political hack!

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      • Truth is you can't fix it just like that. You can't blame the faults of this country on any one single person when it is the responcibility of all of our public servants to work together. And it is ever prevalant that is not happening.

        Perhaps with term limits on ALL politicians as well as cut backs on their benifits they will begine to work and stop stagnating in the name of Greed and Self determination.

    • What?

      You want transparency? With a dash of Honesty perhaps? Mid term Republicans swept everything promising jobs. Do you remember that one? All we got was juvenile rhetorical end fighting from politicians who's positions gauranteed them a comfortable life no matter what. And even better ,,,,, well you get the idea.

      It doesn't make any difference now what party you belong to the stupidity is gauranteed it screw us all, even the rich.

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