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  • DaveScatt DaveScatt May 4, 1999 9:43 PM Flag

    Buying more MTW

    I'll be buying more MTW on Wednesday's open. I've got a 10% profit on the just the last purchase I made, not too long ago. Might as well run with the momentum. Go MTW!

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    • earnings should be out second week in july,as in
      past years. I hope mtw can give us some news next week
      with a mid second quarter update. I think this quarter
      will be very positive, with better than expected

    • You have about a month before 2Q earnings come out. I don't expect it to go much below 35 as it has been holding up pretty well.

    • Well I wonder if I should wait for a little drop
      after the run-up before I buy it. I really like this
      stock a lot though and worry the 2nd Q earnings will
      really surprise us on the plus side. I am new to
      investing but I researched stocks for the last 2 week and
      MTW is a top 10 stock. Some of my other ideas for
      picks are AC, Salton, a lot of REIT's (SUI), SNS, RAIL,
      and PBKB for starters if you like earnings and
      revenue growth.

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    • A quiet board means that people are happy. I'm happy with MTW.

    • The Value Line Investment Survey, a publication
      that analyzes 1,700 stocks, has upgraded four this
      week to its top ranking for timeliness, based on
      projected six- to 12-month performance.
      were: Ethan Allen Interiors, the furniture retailer
      (ticker: ETH; Thursday close and change: $51.31, up 56
      cents); Jones Apparel Group (JNY; $34.31, up 63 cents);
      Manitowoc Co. (MTW; $36.94, unchanged), which makes heavy
      equipment such as cranes and ice machines; and HMO operator
      United Healthcare (UNH; $66.63, up $6.75).

    • I didn't take it as a slam. The board will probably be quiet till next earnings announcement.

      Back to painting!

    • I feel the same way you do about his contribution
      to the board. I was just noting that the board went
      to sleep right after his post on midwest work ethic.
      Might have been a connection. I'm not slamming the
      midwest eather. I'm from Lansing, Michigan. I won't be
      going back though. Can't stand the snow and ice. Here
      in North Georgia we occasionally see a cutsie little
      snow and the only ice is in our tea or scotch.

    • is where i picked it up. i actually haven't done
      as well as i would have liked to do. since i exited
      mtw i have flown to quality--wcom, aol, and g. i also
      took a shot at cell-right after it got pummelled from
      14 to 7 in one day. i haven't made any money on it
      yet, but i think it could go back to 10 within a few
      months, at which point i will think about dumping it, and
      going for another quality issue, like gap stores, or a
      drug maker-i still haven't committed to a drug
      company-there is a lot of info that you need to filter through
      to do an adequate amount of d.d. later.

    • Pseltz - It is one of those friend of a friend
      type deals. I seem to remember you having some
      connections in the gas and oil biz. Seems like he was
      involved in the Alaska pipeline that carries natural gas.
      Anyway, someone mentioned him and I thought that you
      might know him.

      Too bad you didn't get in on
      the MTW runup. But, I'll bet that you probably made
      money somewhere else. Did you ever get in to


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