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  • DaveScatt DaveScatt Jul 1, 1999 12:23 AM Flag

    MTW in IBD

    MTW has their chart in todays IBD in the "Stocks in the News" section. Can only be a plus as far as letting people know that MTW is out there.

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    • MTW's chart in the "Stocks in the News" section again. At least two days in a row now.

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      • just heard a stein roe PM on CNBC talk up DIS- a
        stock that has been felled since disappointing in the
        first quarter, but with good brand-loyal businesses. At
        $28-and-change, it is at almost 40 times next year's earnings
        estimates. it looks like either estimates are way too low,
        or if they are realistic, then those saying that
        this stock looks cheap must only be looking at its
        price drop from the mid-$30s, not considering that
        earnings are supposed to be less than $1 this year and
        next, with a LT growth rate of just about market (15%).
        what's your take on this stock...and by the way, i'm
        proud to be a holder of INTC.

    • that the heat is knocking out the competitors'
      products while MTW's icemakers keep on cranking out the
      ice without service interruption. products that break
      won't be reordered. just felt like i was due to post
      something. congrats to all longs who held on while the
      industry looked like dead money during the 3rd and 4th qtr
      of 1998, and 1st qtr of 99. maybe i will get back in
      here-this company ha been on an earnings roll since they
      bought shannon, 3 years back. manty employee--what kind
      of manager is this terry growcock, and how does he
      compare to freddy butler?

    • Sold Family Golf 2-3 months ago before the BIG dip.Your machines are on the way!

    • im already in dcn ill look into the others, this
      is a short term investment for me i was looking for
      some conservative stocks to offset my skyrocketing
      semiconductor stocks, now that i have enough to diversify. I
      just liked the outlook of continued outsourcing to go
      around the unions even though that will be difficult.

    • Still haven't gotten my Yahoo pager fixed. I
      picked up a virus on the old computer some how and I am
      getting all kinds of dll errors. As soon as I get that
      squared away I'll let you know.

      In the meantime -
      good luck on your investments!


    • Although i dont know this co. as well as others,
      a 2 week heat wont inspire co. to add to current
      capacity of ice making, heat waves always happen, this may
      increase usage and breakdowns perhaps, might just need a
      part then. Buying other co.s read there annual report,
      i believe they talk about growth through acquition,
      using a value added approach.

    • Not only the weather is good for business. The
      management of the Food Service division is moving ahead with
      plans to cut costs related to inventory control and
      improve the product flow to the customer. Also I would
      expect another aquisition to compliment the mix of
      companies currently in the Food Service division,I know
      they are looking.The management team has to make the
      company grow to earn their EVA bonuses. I know that they
      are constantly raising the bar as far as goals and
      the real good news is that they seem to get it done.
      Thats why I think there is More to Come

    • Actually Unc I think that you are kinda full of yourself. Spikesmail 667 guessed the number properly in message #338.

      Please don't hog the board!

    • I believe the West crane was being assembled in
      that large mustard color building @ Bay ship. I think
      that the West crane was moved out when Bay Ship was
      contacted by Palmer-Johnson (P.J.'s) showing some interest
      in building large yachts in that same building.
      That's the building that 195 footer was built in. P.J.'s
      couldn't build it at their own place because of its size.
      They had trouble building or maybe I should say they
      had trouble moving their last large boat to Bay Ship
      for the launching. So they built that 195 footer from
      the keel on up in that building.

      "Mobil Bay"
      ---------You can see the sides emerging out of the graving
      dock. Hull sections are being moved accross the yard
      toward the dock.

      A few questions: How old is the
      Great Lakes fleet? What is the ave. age of the boats
      out there?. Even if a boat is maintained properly,
      it's life expectancy is 27 years. How many large ship
      yards are there on the Great Lakes that can build boats
      of the size that Bay Ship builds? What about repair

    • Mantyemployee: If Big Blue is not a Manitowoc,
      who manufactured it? Assuming its a crawler, not a
      tower, I can't remember seeing one that size that wasn't
      an MTW. Good to know a 21000 will replace it.

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