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  • DaveScatt DaveScatt Jul 1, 1999 12:23 AM Flag

    MTW in IBD

    MTW has their chart in todays IBD in the "Stocks in the News" section. Can only be a plus as far as letting people know that MTW is out there.

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    • MTW's chart in the "Stocks in the News" section again. At least two days in a row now.

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      • just heard a stein roe PM on CNBC talk up DIS- a
        stock that has been felled since disappointing in the
        first quarter, but with good brand-loyal businesses. At
        $28-and-change, it is at almost 40 times next year's earnings
        estimates. it looks like either estimates are way too low,
        or if they are realistic, then those saying that
        this stock looks cheap must only be looking at its
        price drop from the mid-$30s, not considering that
        earnings are supposed to be less than $1 this year and
        next, with a LT growth rate of just about market (15%).
        what's your take on this stock...and by the way, i'm
        proud to be a holder of INTC.

    • Abbotts got it's Summer dolldrums last
      I got some more info on MTW, but I don't want to
      mention any names on this board. It involves some top
      people and they all don't work at the MTW company.If I
      still have access to that other chat room we've been
      on, I'll talk to you there. Something is happening &
      maybe your thoughts on what I've heard can fill in the
      I got a little more info. on the Korean
      thing. Apparently MTW gets something manufactured for
      the cranes in Korea. Also the company that's making
      these items, is overwhelmed by the amount of items they
      have to make. They are working MUCH over time to get
      this/these item/items out. I know someone who works in the
      receiving dept. I'll ask him if the company is receiving
      anything from Korea and what it is and how much.

    • Burgersboat - I would love to discuss the info
      that you have. You are right about not discussing any
      details on this site, they watch it pretty close. If you
      lost my email, you can email me via the other chat

      Care to make a friendly bet regarding
      earnings this quarter?


    • MTW racked up another impressive quarter. 80
      cents per share. In message #336 I guessed $.75 so I
      was a little light. Glad that I didn't have any hard
      earned money riding on it. Let's keep it going!

    • Actually Unc I think that you are kinda full of yourself. Spikesmail 667 guessed the number properly in message #338.

      Please don't hog the board!

    • I thought someone out there predicted super #'s. Either way, I own plenty of MTW. See no reason for it not to continue. Go MTW!

    • point well taken re Spikesmail's earnings
      guesestimate. But why beat up on unc? He's certainly not
      hogging the board which hasn't had a lot of activity.
      Maybe you have more useful, interesting, informative
      data to contribute. Hope so.

    • Joe Kernen, during Stocks to Watch, covered MTW
      on CNBC today. Earnings beat the street by four
      cents and were $0.21 above last year. A summary of the
      segment is linked to the CNBC Specials page. Get there

    • in your own words -please don't louse up the
      board. in my words-go blow it out your a$$. in
      everyone's terms, your post didn't serve a single
      constructive purpose 2 questions for the regulars--1) who do
      you think is reading this board from within the
      company and 2) what is so hush-hush about it? as far as i
      know there is no crime for posting public information
      here or anywhere else. unless you think you have
      private (insider information) which would come from
      senior management of the company or from bankers for the
      company--correct me if i am wrong-not you mlt, but someone who
      might actually know something.

    • Pseltz - I am not sure of everyone who is reading
      this board, but I do know that Ron Schad (Executive
      V.P. and G.M. cranes) does. After meeting him and
      going on a tour of the crane facility, he was fairly
      uncomfortable when he found out that I was a regular poster
      here. They (Kraus - Ice and Schad - Crane) were very
      good about answering my questions and showing me
      around when I stopped in. So in the interest of keeping
      everyone happy, I promised to not quote anyone
      specifically. I imagine that Burgersboat who apparently lives
      in the Manitowoc area, and knows several people in
      the company probably has just about the same

      By the way Pseltz - You should have stayed in. I
      have officially doubled my money on this stock on the
      first batch that I bought. Intel looks like it should
      pan out well. Looking forward to the numbers coming
      out tommorow!

      As far as MLT goes....I may use
      more than my share of electrons on this board....but
      it's not like this site has more traffic than it can

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