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  • alctdat alctdat Sep 8, 1999 11:24 AM Flag

    Drop in price today

    MTW is down 2 points from 38 to 36. Is it the change in the CFO? Is there another reason?

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    • One of the interesting symptoms of a
      driven market, are the values created in the
      sell off of companies that don't have
      charts that
      turn on the technicians. For this
      very reason, it
      is entirely possible and even
      probable to have a
      great company like MTW sell
      in the mid to upper
      teens. As the saying goes,
      back up the truck and load
      'em up iif that is
      the case! If anyone can
      remember when oil sold
      off during the emerging markets'
      crisis, when
      was the last time you saw R&B Falcon at 5
      or Global Marine at 8???? The same thing
      happen if interest rates back up if and when
      perception of excess inflation in the pipe
      becomes a
      prevalent view on the street. IMHO!!!

    • I really like this company. Check out the 5
      chart and return on equity. IMHO, the reason
      for the
      current depressed stock price is the
      market sector,
      i.e. cap. equipment. As interest
      rates are
      perceived to rise and slow down the
      economy, these
      stocks will perform poorly, as
      spending in this
      sector ususally picks up at
      the beginning of an
      economic cycle. So, it's
      entirely possible to see this
      stock trade lower
      on this (mis)perception, and I'll
      be waiting
      to buy more if it does. It's NOT
      hi-tech, and
      at this stage, I refuse to play the
      gain. Owning a few good value stocks (less
      sales and low price to book), sits well along
      the EMC, INTC, TXN and MOT thank you. As

    • I agree with your optimism overall simply because
      the company's sales and earnings numbers are so
      strong. By "underperformance", I was referring to the
      currently depressed stock price. I share your pleasure with
      the performance of the stock over the last several
      years as well as your outlook for next year. I just
      wish I knew what's causing this sell-off. It's down 1
      11/16 today.

    • I am not sure what your definition of underperformance is. Manitowoc is up approx 50% for the year. Look for it to do especially well next spring.


    • Everything about this company looks great: solid
      growth; continuing strong earnings; broad success across
      multiple sectors; low PE .... Does anyone have any
      theories on the reason for MTW's underperformance? When
      can we look for a rise in stock price?

    • Keep in mind that we are at $30 like we were this time last year, but we have had a split since then. By my calculations we are still up 50%+! Not my idea of a dog!


    • No. Look at the chart over the last several
      years, and see MTW's history of occassional unexplained
      dips followed by justified rebound. Then look at third
      quarter report, and see that this dip, as usual, has no
      real basis in reason. MTW is doing very well
      financially, and the stock price will surely rebound. Maybe
      not today or tomorrow, but long term investors in
      this company have done very well over the last several
      years, and there is no sign of that changing

    • wrong with MTW. By your log in name with "54220"
      you should know that. Is not that the zip for the
      city MTW is in or some city close by?
      Mtw has not
      changed. 3rd qt. results proved that. The only real
      question is: Is it a better buy then others and what are
      you looking for in an investment? It is not a "day
      traders" stock. Heck most of them loose money anyway - no
      matter what you hear.

      Mtw earnings OK PE good etc

    • What is the problem with MTW? This stock is a real dog.

    • that MTW was also in the low 40's trail 12. It
      two should have an easy ride back north. It always
      has went back north after a 10 point drop... We'll
      get there soon...

      on cell - I was originally
      thinking about clst - so researched and agree cell may be
      better ( projected .62(2000) earn compared to .25
      (1999)) so got in cell 150 share and clst for 150. both
      good large cell plays.. I'll see which "wins"

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