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  • madmonkeytheoriginal madmonkeytheoriginal Dec 14, 2012 5:50 PM Flag


    Friday night after the close......i guess they aren't trying to hide it right. sec filing to change their bonus plans for 2013.
    these coxuckers are trying to get bonuses not only for non=gaap revenues, but for adjusted ebita too !!!!!
    just do adjusted ebita accounting and they only get one bonus #$%$ #$%$ !
    so in essense they are again doubling, yes double their bonus potetntial and lowering the goals set for total 2013 revenue.

    just wait and see turkeys...this stock is going to get crushed , because they just admitted that the new revenues in coming guidance will be lowered.

    buy all the puts you can because this is going to the craphouse before next earnings, and the graveyard after .

    i told you these guys are #$%$ !

    and for those who don;t know the game...just be quiet, and save your dough.
    buy back in in march when it is .50

    un fn real ! these pig sacks of dung.

    demasi can double his pay, and bonuses, along with the rest of the turds . For not reaching last years goals !!!!!!!!


    want to hear the retarded response to this sec filing by you knuckleheads !
    can't wait to gauge the stupidity

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    • What dogs ! you think i bash now ! just wait nobody will be able to get a word in edge wise. ! can;t wait for .10 gluu

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      • I haven't done a comparison to what the bonus program was before....have you? If so, what is the actual change? If you can point out a material difference, that would be a strong argument in your favor, but if there is no significant material change, than who gives a #$%$?

        I will look at this more closely this weekend...Again, I'm not saying you're wrong or right, but if you can already describe the material change to the program (if any), then please do.

      • No bonuses will be paid with respect to a goal unless the Company achieves such goal at a level equal to 105% of the Company's 2013 Board Plan (the "Minimum Threshold"). ..............One needs to know what this threshold and if it is set high enough to jusify the bonus....

      • Think I will go with these guys. Insider buys

        William Miller purchased 40,000 shares on November 19 and currently holds 50,000 shares of the company. William Miller serves as a director of the company.
        Benjamin Smith purchased 10,000 shares on November 19 and currently holds 10,000 shares of the company. Benjamin Smith serves as a director of the company.
        Niccolo de Masi purchased 44,909 shares on November 19 and currently holds 44,909 shares of the company. Niccolo de Masi joined Glu as its President and Chief Executive Officer in January 2010
        Hany Nada purchased 3,243,218 shares on October 9-11 pursuant to a trading plan designed to comply with Rule 10b5-1 that Granite Global Ventures II and GGV II Entrepreneurs Fund entered into on February 28, 2012. Hany Nada has served on Glu Mobile's Board since April 2005. Hany is a co-founder of GGV Capital.

      • get a life DUMBO

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