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  • chimpthepimp Mar 20, 2013 3:18 PM Flag


    •Content submitted on March 20, 2013, 09:40
    •On Article Glu Mobile Presents At ROTH Capital Partners by Brandon Osborne
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    HERE WE GO AGAIN. Brandon likes himself soo much he must hear himself talk by writing long, misleading articles. Lets start at the top. '1.things to come near term ? from 1 to 5 BILLION smart phones. hmmm . how near term.........2016 2. 500% growt "doesn't cost GLUU a dime" is 100% WRONG. Growth in smart phones and the de-fragmentation of the multiple devices is the #1 expense to GLUU, besides payroll. Game production is 3rd. Nearly 700 new devices to try and put their games on to run has cost GLUU nearly 100 million dollars in the last 3 years. So with 500% increase in new devices , defrag costs should cost 500% what it did. 3. 5 billion Smartphones is not what they said, Smartphone inflection point now is at 1 billion, and is expected to be at 1.5 by 2016 even with tablets it is still well under 5 billion devices. 4. hiring of 12-15 new employees is an addition cost of 1.5 million dollars a year, and is dilutive to the float, as GLUU hands out stock like Chicklets. 4. 1% MAU pay now ? no. In fact only 1 game has .09% , and others as low as .04. Averaging around .065 of 1% 5. Revenue doubling at 2% pay to play. No. by your complicated math of doubling from 1 to 2% will double revenues, it is inaccurate. Under 1.5% SHOULD double revenue...using your abbacus. However there is major costs to do business in those numbers. 6.when "alluding" to the S-8 filed for new hirees,how come you neglected to disclose the S-4 filed by one Mathew Drapkin, a Glu Mobile Director, that sold 800,000 shares a week or so ago ? Oh that S-4! 7. Launching of the 3rd Party Developement Platform should be " a truely beneficial service to all involved" ? really. Well this would be their at least 2nd, and as many as 4 attempts to do this. All failed. In fact, Glu Games Network comes to mind, Tom Group deal in China was to exploit Chinese talent and customers

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    • bosborne820 Mar 20, 2013 3:26 PM Flag

      i appreciate you time in reading my article.. None of your points made sense though. The mobile phone market is currently 5 billion handsets... of which, only 1 billion are smartphones. Hence if everyone were on a smartphone tomorrow there would be 5 billion users in which could download glu's games.

      I said less than 1% in my article and used 1% for easy math. A move to 2% would in fact double revenues. Your point is that monetization is less than one percent. So it would only take 1.5% to double revenues, which doesn't help your case at all. haha

      Drapkin had other motives for selling obviously. I'm sure it was tied to his other investment that the company was purchased.

      Finally, Scoreboard. :)

      Have a great day.

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      • chimpthepimp Mar 20, 2013 3:33 PM Flag

        They don;t make sense ? how many down5oads a q ?
        5 billion "devices" includes laptops and tablets, not smartphones. The world population is just over 7 billion ! there will never be 5 billion smartphones....there wouldn't be enough food in the world to feed smartphone users.
        go through all the counter-points and tell me how i am wrong
        how many games did gluu put out last year. Not 25 like you boasted ! go count them ! That is the reasonfor the ski slope drop in the summer ! Go through and answer the points as they are numbered. If i am wrong, i will apologize as i don't think i am.

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