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  • runningofthebull runningofthebull Jun 4, 2002 1:37 PM Flag


    WHoever made this up, it is utterly false but thank you for the buying opportunity. They have more contracts now then ever and it would make sense to lay off because of that. also, it makes a whole lot of sense to lay off due to the accelerated visteon contract too. You knuckleheads are sooo stupid

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    • guillotine
      SYPR continues to go up despite your claim of "never been wrong yet!!!".
      Are you one of the laid off SYPR employees?

    • I read your messages beginning in March, when your alias was created, but nowhere do you give anything to support your claim that:
      "I haven't been wrong yet!!!"
      1. Please post the facts and/or statistics you are relying upon.
      2. If you are short, what is your downside target price?

    • Rally Schmally, Sypris will continue a downward spiral regardless. I haven't been wrong yet!!! Read my other posts...

      As for your guillotine comment, it would be better directed toward those remaining Sypris employees.

    • Life is full or ups and downs.
      SYPR closed at $16.30 on the date of your message, June 4th. It ran up to $16.69 after that, but then it began to slide.
      HOWEVER, instead of SYPR, it might be your short postition that goes into a "death spiral" if the Nasdaq and SYPR continue to rally today.
      Meanwhile, keep your head clear of the guilotine.

    • Allow me to reiterate you're reply for the benefit of those (remaining?) Sypris employees...You are saying that layoffs make sense because Sypris has more contracts now than ever and it also makes sense to layoff because of an accelerated visteon contract.

      If you represent the Sypris corporate opinion on business management then I hope potiental investors read your reply closely and invest accordingly.

      • 1 Reply to guillotine_sypr_2002
      • WoW! That was a joke. I mean it in a facious way. FACT is, sypirs' net employemnt remains the same. They are still just as sloid a company as they have always been. They did about 3 weeks ago lay off some employees in their aerospace and defense dept. but they also hired more in another dept. Speculation is that Sypris is going down because of flextronics and cause of morons that believe rumors and are weak hearted in the market. This price represents a huge buying opportunity and anything under $15 is a gold mine. Hang in their to all the longs there is much more upside than downside so it makes sense to stay long but one nevers knows. Best of luck to all!!

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