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  • wiseone1937 wiseone1937 May 17, 2006 1:16 PM Flag


    <<Bleedingdanablue said:
    Looking for some quality leadership in this company. Have meet a few that seemed in touch with the company and market. But see a real lack of respect for the workforce. This is the exact oppisite of the 2005 Company Porfolio, which states employees are highly valued.

    Trust me, there are some managers that won't even say hello, when they are spoken too. I wonder is the Gill's know the intimatation tatics being used in one of their southern plant? >>

    A very prophetic observation. You can take a look at their 2005 annual report and see that there are several employees highlighted that are no longer with the company, or were even laid off. As divisions get in hot water, the hammer falls from above, and the inner circle decides who should get the axe, regardless of their performance. It is all about cutting pay. The only problem is that all the cutting still doesn't free capital to ensure the longevity of the dilapidated factories in Kentucky.

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