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  • jmackey_2002 jmackey_2002 Nov 11, 2009 4:16 PM Flag


    There is no way this stock will tread higher tomorrow. It might at the opening bell, but then it will immediately crash!! This company has never reached this high of a PS for over 52 weeks. This is a classic pump and dump.. don't get involved!!

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    • darylelam1 Apr 9, 2010 12:00 PM Flag

      Hope you covered your short.

    • i shorted at 3.70 today. couldnt cover cause it woudl use up day trade. hopefully under 3 tomorrow

      • 1 Reply to gewdini
      • Someone here doesn’t understand the intent and underlining significance of a $200mil IDIQ spread over 5 years.

        IDIQ’s are simply ‘not to exceed’ pricing agreements that protect the Government from cost escalation of a commodity (or service) they expect to purchase (or contract for) ‘at some level’ in the future.

        Given budgetary constraints, IDIQ’s are rarely exercised to the full extent of their negotiated ceiling, meaning this latest Sypris IDIQ agreement may be worth $200mil . . . or just some fraction of that.

        It would be good if this ‘shill’ would at least review and report the track record of past Sypris Electronics IDIQ’s and confirm their positive impact on shareholder equity before his next post.

        For example:

        In April 2007 Sypris Electronics was awarded a $400mil IDIQ for their KIV-19M Link Encryptor.

        - On Apr 2, 2007 stock was trading at $6.75.
        - On Apr 14, 2008 stock was trading at $3.80

        In November 2007 Sypris Electronics was awarded a $125mil IDIQ for their KOV-21 cryptocards.

        - On Nov 13, 2007 stock was trading at $6.70.
        - On Nov 13, 2008 stock was trading at $0.46

        (thought bubble): If this particular C/M business was a going enterprise, Sypris wouldn’t have sold T&M to raise cash to reduce debt; all of which was necessary to enable them to restructure loans with their creditors given the failing stock price and Sypris’ bleak performance over the last 18 months. That’s good leadership? That’s good governance? Yep, uh huh!

    • darylelam1 Nov 11, 2009 5:02 PM Flag

      The $200,000,000 contract means nothing to you right. See you at $20 and I will be buying your shorts all the way up.

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